Pokémon E Juice, What A Great Idea!

Pokémon is really enjoying a big moment right now thanks to the massive success of the hit mobile game, Pokémon GO. It seems like kids (and adults, for that matter!) have been running around playing Pokémon GO all over the place over the course of the last few months.

Pokemon E Liquid


It has given the entire Pokémon brand a second life, and it has reportedly helped Apple and Nintendo rake in billions of dollars in the process. The popularity of Pokémon isn’t going to last forever, but for now, it’s a cash cow that is helping a lot of people make a whole lot of money.

With that in mind, it hasn’t been all that surprising to see people trying to capitalize off the success of Pokémon GO. Pokémon T-shirts, toys, and more have started to pop up all over the place, and it’s clear that companies are going to do whatever they can to maximize the earning potential of Pokémon between now and the end of 2016.

Pokémon is a hot item, and if companies can use it to their advantage, then they’re going to do it. But unfortunately, that could come at a huge cost for the vaping industry! Because one company based out of Malaysia has taken it upon itself to create a Pokémon e juice called Pokéjuice that is going to end up making vape shops all around the world look bad.


The idea of someone creating an e juice inspired by Pokémon is not necessarily new. A quick Google search reveals that there are vapers out there who have tried to create Pokémon-inspired e juices in the past. However, these weren’t official e liquids that were created and then marketed to the masses.

These were DIY e juices created by experimental vapers who just wanted to have some fun and pay homage to the Pokémon franchise. There have also been other e juices that have used famous cartoon characters in the past to try and push their products.

For example, one company once tried to use Cap’n Crunch on the labels of their e juices and created a flavor to match. Another created an e juice called Curious George, and while it didn’t feature everyone’s favorite cartoon monkey on it, it was clear that the company was trying to sell more bottles of e liquids by utilizing the name of a cartoon that many kids know and love.

cereal e liquid


The problem with all of this is that, at the moment, the vaping industry is under attack. The FDA just created a long list of new regulations that vape shops are going to have to follow, and the FDA’s perception is that many vape shops are trying to sell their products to kids by making e juices available in a wide range of different flavors and colors.

This couldn’t be further from the truth—in actuality, the flavors and colors are part of what makes vaping fun for so many responsible adults—but by creating a collection of Pokémon e juices, the company behind them is inadvertently hurting everyone in the vaping industry.

They may turn a decent profit by playing on the current popularity of Pokémon, but it’s going to have a lasting effect and be very hurtful to everyone in the long run. It’s why you shouldn’t support these companies by purchasing e juices that are marketed using Pokémon characters or any other famous animated characters for that matter.

The good thing is that, as of right now, the creators of Pokéjuice haven’t tried to sell it anywhere near the United States. They’re also not selling it in many other countries that regulate e juices and e liquids closely.

But as word about the Pokémon e juices makes its way around the internet, the fact that they’re not being sold in most parts of the world isn’t going to matter. Many vaping critics are simply going to look at the packaging of the Pokéjuice and say, “There the vaping industry goes again! Trying to sell products to kids!” It’s a real shame.

No Vaping Under 18

Hopefully, Pokéjuice won’t last very long on the market. Many vape shops can’t carry it legally and many others are refusing to carry it because of its packaging. There are also a range of intellectual property issues at play here.

It’s incredibly unlikely that the makers of the Pokémon characters gave the company producing Pokéjuice the go-ahead to use those characters to sell their e juices. So if the Pokéjuice manufacturers do try to sell it on a wider level, they will probably—and hopefully!—get shut down immediately and forced to stop selling.

But for the time being, the vaping industry is going to have to suffer as a result of this company’s desire to try and make a quick buck off the Pokémon brand.

If you are reading this and you think that the vaping industry is on board with selling products like Pokéjuice, you are wrong! Despite what some critics might say, the majority of vape shops would be against using Pokémon on e juice packaging and would not co-sign this idea.

They would also not co-sign any other ideas that include using cartoon imagery on the front of bottles in order to sell more e juices or target kids. Everyone understands that the FDA is cracking down on vape shops all across America, and the absolute last thing they want to do is give the FDA more ammo to use against vape shops and vapers. It could potentially be detrimental to the industry and portray it in the wrong light.

There are plenty of excellent e liquid options available for those who want to vape responsibly. You shouldn’t be swayed by the appearance of Pokémon on a bottle of e liquid, and you should ignore companies that try to convince you to buy their vaping products by using cartoon characters.

Vaping Where To Go

You should also only purchase e liquids through trusted companies that take the right steps before releasing a product to the public. By doing this, you will be supporting the growth of the vaping industry and doing your part to help everyone see vape shops and vapers in a much more positive light.

23 thoughts on “Pokémon E Juice, What A Great Idea!

  1. Jamie Scott says:

    Wow and I thought humans as a whole could not get dumber, I hate being surprised! As with the FDA( man I knew at one point I would have dumber and the FDA in same comment) those freaking bribe taking hypocritical dicks(female FDA included) I wonder how many of them(FDA) drink flavored liquor or smoke menthol cigs, just because we as a industry didn’t couldn’t and wouldn’t bribe u off like big ol tobacco and big pharm, STOP HATING!!!! Big tobacco and Big pharm are still making plenty of money so get off our backs and go make another product that will slide right through our FDA with no problem, and I thought at one time the FDA was here to make sure the American people got the best possible chance at being healthy, again I hate being surprised! OK ranted long enough, stupid for using cartoon characters or Pokemon(wow that came right up on my auto-correct) , but bottom line shouldn’t matter we are all adults and my kids like their mom and dad vaping we aren’t killing each other or them vaping instead of smoking!! OK bye guys and vape on vapers!!!

  2. Joanne Martell says:

    This is ridiculous! First of all, way to have the FDA bitch slap them because they’re appealing to children. Second of all, I highly doubt that the actual Pokemon franchise gave them permission to use a name and images so close to theirs. Yep makes the whole vaping community look like bad guys again.

  3. Raven Half-Moon says:

    Most of my family consists of our 3 children (who aren’t children btw… they’re adults albeit my youngest is 19yrs old & a 2nd yr Undergrad & earned the Dean’s List her entire 1st yr); we have some grandchildren though they aren’t really children, as in young children either as they’re late elementary to mid-middle school & early high school although, DH’s family is larger & we have 1 great-niece who is about 9yrs old but she’s not that into Pokemon Go. It’s more our 19yo when the notion strikes her & her dad when she’s home from college, which isn’t often b/c this kid has study habits that would make ANY DOCTORATE PROFESSOR PROUD! MOF, she has a few professors with their doctorate degrees who ARE super proud of how much she studies but even they stop her every now & again to tell her to take a break & have some fun. The only issue there is that she is working hard so she can hopefully earn a full-ride scholarship she’s going after for her Grad degree b/c in order to get where she wants to go, she has to earn her Grad degree along with at least 2 to 3 more languages & she already speaks English (she’s half Native American from me & half European-descent from her dad’s side of the family – and YES, it shocked the #$^#&^&*%^ outta me when our family’s Matriarch gave her blessing for a member of our family, our NATIVE AMERICAN FAMILY, to marry A NON-NATIVE AMERICAN – EVEN MORE, SHE ADORED HIM FROM THE MOMENT THEY MET RIGHT UP UNTIL THE DAY SHE CROSSED OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE) b/c the elders of our family who were able to speak both Cherokee & Arapaho as well as write Cherokee refused to teach the next generation because of the ostracization that was taking place when family like my betrothed great-grandparents spoke their native languages (they were betrothed as toddlers then married at 13-14 & my great-grandfather was widowed after 65yrs & didn’t remarry until he was like 91yrs old & then lived to be just shy of his 100th birthday). She also speaks Spanish III & Arabic I and she is thinking of taking Farsi once she gets through the hardest parts of Arabic.

    But I digress…

    Pokemon Go doesn’t seem to be a big thing among the younger kids in this neck of the woods but that is not to say it’s not big elsewhere away from our area among the kiddies and I agree – Pokemon is a kid’s game and making this into an e-juice is just ASKING FOR TROUBLE!


  4. Bill says:

    pokeman is not one of my hot buttons for anything. Just some good liquids fro viable suppliers would be the ticket. the government has got its hooks into to many things that are worthwhile for the public

  5. Penincali says:

    “The love of money ”
    It’s sad that we have to endure the idiots of the world! This is not an good for us vapers! If I were in charge,all the companies that try to attract kids would be shut down!!

  6. Nottellin says:

    While I agree that this was a poor choice for the vaping community, it also doesn’t help that you’re posting info about it.
    That just creates one more place for the info about it to show up.
    Sometimes even negative feedback is still advertisement.
    Maybe NOT posting this would have been a better idea.

  7. Tommy says:

    This to me is a bad thing its says kid’s all over it but so of us adult vapers grew up with pokemon I say this is over the lie an we are all ready catching heat with the fda an this looks bad on us I think the eliquid company’s need to just start putting the bottles in a plain box an we need to not buy ejuice by the way the package looks but by the way it tastes an who made it things would just be easier this way

  8. Chris Taylor says:

    WOW it just goes to show you how clueless and irresponsible and greedy ppl cam be. I would never buy a juice labeled like that and would have some words for any company or shop I seen carrying a product like this I stick to the company’s that are truly caring about the industry that donate and advocate for this industry.

  9. Dan says:

    Under normal circumstances, something such as “Pokéjuice” wouldn’t bother me; an e-juice produced in Malaysia, named for and packaged to resemble a famous and popular character that isn’t even marketed to or accepted in the United States. Who cares? Well, at the present we are not dealing with normal circumstances. Vaping and vapers alike have been under such intense scrutiny by the FDA, numerous anti-tobacco activists and so-called health experts, and accused of many things, one being marketing to children. So, to NOW see a product that looks to sabotage every bit of progress we’ve made so far, is extremely disconcerting. It will only add fuel to the deeming regulatory fire.

  10. TheCqw says:

    Yeah, No Thanks… Come up with a better marketing strategy and maybe I’ll try your juice. Even if the juice itself is great with these kinds of labels, I would not even consider supporting a company this wreckless. Just bad for the Community!!

  11. Shane Robinson says:

    Even after August 8th you would think all the morons in the industry would know something like this is a bad idea and terrible for our industry..Sad thing is,,they know better!!Just proves they are a cash grab and do not give a F about killing vaping….

  12. Rodney Meadows says:

    Seriously? How Schmuckville can people GET? The FDA Lawyers will be all over this! I have NO problems not buying this. Grimm Greene said it all on a recent VLOG; this could kill our industry.

  13. jeepguy says:

    Let’s be serious folks. We as an industry failed to self regulate. Not until individual States or the FDA required websites to have age verification did most companies even consider doing so. And now I can do a google search and find 100’s online stores that our still not in compliance. And any child with a visa gift card purchased at Walgreens could/can purchase eliquid at will.

    Then consider the stores who were carrying brands without childproof caps and or any warning labels. Or the nifty lotion bottle dispenser eliquid.

    So yes pokemon eliquid may be in poor taste and infringe on some intellectual property….but not anymore so than the other 1000 eliquid brands I see on instgram.

    The fact is the FDA is regulating because we as an industry failed to do so. Because we are divided, catty, and unorganized. The reason why is because there was zero barriers of entry into this industry and 95% of the people involved are uneducated and have zero business being proprietors or eliquid manufactures.

    I Vape I Vote…..Really people? We are to vote for our state and federal leaders based on their stance and or understanding of vaping. In your day to day life, the most important thing you have going on is if you can vape strawberry waffle eliquid? The overall economy, national security, education all take a back seat to your sub ohm build?

    Look at the organization you support. Look at the 9,000 strong membership base. Its laughable. Yes its a multi-billion dollar industry but it is so because the companies are achieving 90% margins and selling someone 120 ml bottle every 3 days so Joe Smo can drive down the street looking like the interior of his vehicle is on fire in hopes to get some much needed attention he or she didn’t get in high school.

    The DYI’er…..how many of us has purchased eliquid from a friend who made it in their house because it was cheaper? Well guess what….even more than targeting kids the Government cares about getting paid. So for every transaction done off the books with no sales tax collected by good ol uncle sam the federal government’s regulation was fueled even more.

    I feel sorry for those who did self regulate and did educate their customers about the risks and protected them the best they could. Unfortunately, if this was the majority of shop owners we would not had left the front door wide open for such stringent regulation.

    Start looking for an exit strategy and your next venture. A true entrepreneur will find opportunity in regulation or be onto the next venture in a different industry. If you are not one of these folks then you probably shouldn’t be a business owner anyway.

  14. Eric A Smith says:

    The way those e juice maker from malaysia is killing the vaping industry more than helping. And some of their juices contain some unknow chemical which is by far dangerous. Those sconies would do any way and mean to sell out their product. Just for “MONEY”.

  15. Brittany Hollander says:

    Pokéjuice oh please this is trade copy right on the Pokemon franchise furthermore this product is going to refer to young children also and this is so morally wrong on so many levels no wonder vaping is going to be regulated if e liquid companies pulls a stupid stunt like this


    Shame on you!

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