Are you an avid lover of Candy flavored vape juice blends? If so, then Candy POP! is going to be an amazing brand for you to love. This brand has focused their efforts on creating some of the most realistic and tasty flavors on the juice market today. If you are not sure as to what flavors you might enjoy. Let us be the first to say you can not go wrong with their Grape Chew Candy. Their new Grape Chew candy flavored vape juice is taking the juice market by storm. If this juice wasn’t amazing, it wouldn’t be on our site. This e-liquid is a perfect representation of a delecious juicy grapes mixed in a soft chewy taffy that will satisfy every one of your taste buds. This flavor is simply just one of those flavors that you can not go wrong with. If that doesn’t seem to be your style, our next suggestion would be too check out their Blue Raspberry Hard Candy. This juice is absolutely amazing. We don’t know how they did it, but they did it. The sweet and savory Blue Raspberries coat your young in an indulging sensation. This product is simply just one of those juices that everyone needs to have in their personal library.

Flavors: Grape Chew Candy, Peach Gummies, Strawberry Watermelon Hard Candy, Blue Raspberry Hard Candy