We all get tired of vaping on the same products all the time. Thats why we here at Aspen Valley Vapes believe it is important to bring our customers exotic, new, and tasty vape juices that we know everyone will love. Circus E-liquids has absolutely been dominating the market with their new juices. They have done an amazing job of coming up with something new that no ones has ever tasted or used before. If you are not sure as to what you might have an interest in. Let use be the first to suggest their Cookie E-Juice. Circus Cooke E-Juice is the staple for the iconic circus animal frosted cookies. This blend aims to imitate this iconic treat with pin point accuracy. It does just that! This flavor is just one of those flavors you have to vape on before you become hooked and absolutely fall in love with this flavor. This flavor is one of a kind, and absolutely delicious. If that is not really your style, we would also recommend checking out Cotton Candy. Their new cotton candy dessert flavored vape juice is taking the market by storm. Remember the last time you were at the local Carnaval, indulging in the classic blue and pink cotton candy treat. This e-liquid blend aims to imitate this treat with precision and it does just that. This flavor will have your taste buds watering after every hit. This can be hard to understand without trying it for yourself. Regardless of what flavor you choose, we are sure that you will come to love all of them!

Flavors: Cookie E-Juice, Cotton Candy

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