Congratulations! You have found one of the best vape juice producers on the market today. I Love Salts is a nicotine salt line that aims to leave your mouth watering, and taste buds tingling. They have a variety of flavors that are sure to meet anyones needs without any doubt. If they weren’t amazing, we wouldn’t have them on our site! If you are still on the fence about which product to look at first, let us be the first to recommend Grappleberry. This is simply one of those vape juices that you are going to have to try for yourself, before you can truly appreciate how awesome and tasty this flavor is. Fresh blueberries bursting with the sweet and tangy goodness of grapes and apples to satisfy your thirst. If that doesn’t quite sound like something you would be interested in, our next recommendation would be Spearmint Gum. This product is absolutely iconic because it tastes just like your favorite Spearmint flavored gum. This flavor is sure to give your mouth a watering sensation followed by a smooth icy exhale. Fresh, icy spearmint that will tingle your tongue with a menthol flavor like gum. Feel free to check out the rest of the flavors as well!


Flavors: Grappleberry, Spearmint Gum, Juicy Apples, Sweet Tobacco, Strawberry Candy, Fruit Cereal.