Mad Hatter, a name that most people think that means crazy and they are right to do so because the e-liquids produced by Mad Hatter are ridiculously crazy. With such crazy fun flavors like chocolate chip cookies, orange cream pop, donuts and peach laffy taffy, you will certainly be believing these e-juices are ridiculously crazy delicious! If you like sweet vape juices or just have a fancy for something new, than this dessert e-liquid line by Mad Hatter is the perfect option for you. One vape from any of these delectable juices and you will believe you are transported to Wonderland eating the exact food that you are vaping. With that kind of pitch, how could you resist? What are you waiting for grab yours today! The Mad Hatter e-juice line currently offers three flavors in 60 ml with 120 Cream Pop offered in 120 ml and all have the option of 0, 3, 6 mg nicotine levels.

Mad Hatter Flavors: I Love Cookies Too, 120 Cream Pop, I Love Donuts Too, I Love Taffy, I Love Candy Watermelon, I Love Candy Rainbow, I Love Candy Blue Raspberry

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