The new NKD 100 Salt Nicotine line is here! Even if you’ve only been vaping for a week or so, there is an extremely likely chance that you’ve heard of the brand Naked 100. Naked 100 is carried in nearly every vape shop across the United States as well as in vape shops across the globe. If they aren’t the most recognized brand in the vaping world, then they would definitely¬†be included in the top five. We’re extremely excited that they have decided to continue the trend that Mr Salt E started, which is nicotine salt juice. NKD 100 is the latest brand to hit the vaping scene that includes nicotine salts instead of your standard nicotine. The NKD 100 nic salt line was initially released with their five best selling flavors from Naked 100, but we’re hoping that they’ll soon add some more flavors to this new lineup!

NKD 100 Nicotine Salt Flavors: Lava Flow, Really Berry, American Patriot, Brain Freeze, and Frost Bite