If you love popular, and unique vape juice providers. Pop Clouds is most definitely the best pick to satisfy that need! Here at Aspen Valley Vapes, we strive to bring you only the best E-liquids, and juices on the market. When a unique product comes into the mix, let us be the first to tell you about it! Pop Clouds is becoming increasingly popular among the masses because of their unique imitation and representation of the ‘Pop Rocks’ candy. If you have never indulged in this candy treat, you are missing out on all of the popping, sizzling, and fizzing sensations that the user experiences while using this treat. Every one of their flavors tends to have this same feeling while using their product. If you are not sure as to what flavors might be good in this form, don’t fret! Let us be the first to recommend Blue Razz Candy. The blue raspberry flavor will coat your tastebuds allowing for a unique and indulging experience. The sizzling, fizzing, and popping sensations back up this flavor very promptly. Pop Clouds nailed it with this E-juice by keeping the flavor intact while adding their personal touch. However, if this is not your style, our next recommendation would be to check out First Flight, as this flavor is unique on its own. With five different flavors to choose from this unique style, we are sure you will find a flavor that will have you wanting more!

Flavors: Blue Razz Candy, First Flight, Orange Crush, Watermelon, and Cotton Candy

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