The brand new Stumps line is the latest by Charlie’s Chalkdust.¬†Stumps is the first line by CC to be offered in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles, and we’re pretty excited about that because even a 100ml isn’t enough for any of these flavors… they are just that good! Stumps launched with four fantastic flavors including Pops, “B”, Don, and Rhino. From a ginger brew flavored vape juice all the way to a classic (but fantastic) sweet & sour melon candy flavor, you won’t be disappointed with whatever flavor you choose from this line.

This line is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle packaged inside of a box.

STUMPS Flavors: “B”, Don, Rhino, and Pops