The Milkman Delight’s vape juice line is exactly what its name suggests, a delight! With so many different e-juice flavor options, you are bound to find one that you fall in love with. The Milkman Delights e-juice line has truffle flavored, fruit flavored, candy flavored and even bubble tea milk flavored. With that kind of variety how can you not be tempted to pick one up today? One of our personal favorites is the Pink 2 e-juice. This wonderful candy e-liquid flavor taste just like pink taffy candy that has a subtle taste of creamy milk. If you are looking for a new flavor to start vaping that you haven’t had before, then make the smart decision and pick up any four of the Milkman Delights flavors or just pick them all up! Get ready for a delectable vape treat!

The Milkman Delights Vape Juices: Melon Milk, Pink 2, Truffleberry, Bubble Milk