If you are not familiar with the vaper, Vape God, then you need to look him up. He is one of the most talented vaper right now and he just released his own e-juice line, VGOD SaltNic. What makes this vape juice line so special is that they are made with nicotine salts. Nicotine salt flavored e-juice tends to have a stronger flavor and a stronger throat hit then normal flavored e-liquids. If you have never vaped nicotine salt flavored e-liquids then, just be aware of the noticeable differences. An Aspen Valley Vapes personal favorite is the Luscious flavor. This vape juice is a sweet watermelon flavor that will leave your mouth watering. The fruit flavor compliments the flavor of nicotine salts perfectly. All of the VGOD SaltNic vape juice flavors currently come in nicotine level options of 25mg and 50mg.

VGOD SaltNic Vape Juice Flavors: Lush IceLuscious, Cubano, Cubano Black, Pink Cakes