How To Properly Care For Your New Electronic Cigarette

First of all congratulations on making the switch from traditional and toxic cigarettes to an electronic cigarette! Now that you have made the switch there are a few things that you need to know in order to keep your e-cig in pristine condition. Failing to neglect these can lead to multiple purchases of new tanks, replacement coils for your atomizer, and maybe even a whole new battery. Don’t worry with the help of the following tips you can be a pro at taking care of your e-cig in no time!

5 Tips on How to Properly Care for your Electronic Cigarette

  1. Never Over Fill your Tank: The designated amount of ml designated for your tank should be followed strictly! Overfilling can cause e-juice to seep down the center hole which can damage your coil and battery, effectively voiding the factory warranty and making your e-cig useless. Juice the gets into the center hole can also lead to a gurgling sound when vaping, or for liquid to drip into your mouth.
  2. Frequently Change your Coils: The best and easiest way to tell if it is time to order some new coils, is when your e-juice is tasting burnt or no longer taste like the flavor originally should. Depending on the tank you have you should swap out the coils every 3-4 weeks. When using the Kanger Aerotank replacing the coil is simple, remove the base and unscrew the old coil and dispose. Then simply screw the new coil into the base, than refill with e-juice and reassemble the bottom.
  3. Keep your e-juice Half Full: Try to limit letting your e-juice drop below the halfway mark in your tank. Letting this occur often can damage the threads around the coil heads.
  4. Keep your Tanks Clean: Cleaning your tanks will increase your overall experience for each flavor, cleaning often will effectively ensure that previous flavors are not mixing with your current flavor. The best option is to clean your tank every time you change flavors, but if you use a single flavor cleaning the tank every 2-3 days is sufficient. Make sure to clean and sterilize the mouthpiece frequently to avoid bacteria and other germs from forming.
  5. Don’t Overcharge the Battery: Once your e-cigarette is charged remove it from the charger, constant over charging can lead to significant decreases in battery life. This is a lithium ion battery, to preserve the lifespan fully charge and drain your battery before plugging it back into charge.

Following the previous tips will ensure the longevity of your battery, coils, and e-juice. Properly charging your battery and replacing your coils on a regular basis will reduce any additional and unnecessary costly repairs or replacements. Remember if you have any questions we are here to help! Just leave a comment below and we will gladly answer any questions!

Andy Flynn

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