Public Health England Is Full “Steam” Ahead On Vaping

Public Health England, a government agency,  came out with a comprehensive 3-year study that further cemented their statistic from 2015 that found vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

Finally good news about vaping, and about its acceptance in the world at large. 

This study shows us how prevalent the propaganda against vaping has been and largely still is. Hopefully, this study proves to some of those stubborn vaping skeptics out there, just how wrong they truly are about vaping.

I think most of us vapers already knew what this study found… Vaping should have been embraced years ago as a way to reduce tobacco consumption.

So if vaping is nowhere near as harmful as smoking, why do most adults think it is? How is there such a blatantly backward perspective out there from your average person with regards to vaping. Why all the vaping myths?



Big pharma can’t sell their products to healthy people.. Big Pharma doesn’t want their inferior and harmful products to have to compete with e-juice! 

For years anti vaping proponents within the big pharma realm have tried to come up with some studies and evidence that vaping is harmful (and OF COURSE, they couldn’t provide such a study)….

Yet the propaganda about how vaping and smoking are pretty much the same thing is relentless in this country.

Public Health Englands’ Groundbreaking Results

Check out some of the key takeaways from their Public Health Englands’ “Double Down” On Vaping:

  • E-cigs are helping at least 20,000 people quit a year
  • In England alone, there are over 79,000 annual deaths due to smoking
  • Youth smoking is on the decline
  • In England, they want e-cigs to be in hospitals as an alternative for cig smokers and
  • They even suggest doctors prescribing e-cigarettes (This one can get complicated, but it does seem to be a move in the right direction)
  • Staff should be encouraging people to vape and informing them about the technology
  • Smoking shelters should be removed
  • Introduce vaping policies to help smokers make the transition

This is the kind of progressive thinking our government regulatory agencies here in America need to adopt. 

It’s time for those institutions that are supposed to be protecting us to stop putting their bottom line above the value of the lives of the American people.


This is a fantastic step for vaping, but we can only hope that the United States will approach e-cigarettes with the same extremely optimistic approach that the UK has. Vaping is the future and the United States need to get on board…. fast. 

According to this study, vaping provides nicotine at 95% safer rate. Sadly here in the United States we’re currently fighting multiple flavor bans, and if you take a look at our case study you’ll be able to see how important flavors are to vapers looking to make the switch (as well as current vaper)

We surveyed over 1,800 vapers with 4 quick questions and the results might shock you! If you get a chance, be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts. 

9 thoughts on “Public Health England Is Full “Steam” Ahead On Vaping

  1. Patricia Barwick says:

    I’d be happy for everyone to know my experience with vaping. After smoking over 2 packs a day for decades, and trying numerous products to help me quit, I began transitioning to vaping in 2009. The first thing to go was my embarrassing smoker’s cough. Even better though, it had reached the point that I was needing antibiotics from my Dr., two to three times a year for bronchial infections. Every year. I have not had even ONE since 2009! In my opinion, that alone tells the true story. It amazes me when I see “no vaping” signs. It’s nothing other than ignorance. Anyone knowing the truth should encourage vaping, not discourage it.

  2. Penny says:

    That’s awesome!! Now if only the U.S. would get on board with it. If they do,I’m sure it will take several years for them to decide to. I just wish they would SHOW US THAT THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT OUR HEALTH!! But if there are no sick people, big pharma couldn’t keep making billions of dollars from us. It’s a sad thing when the all mighty dollar means more than the health of it’s people.

  3. Anna Christina says:

    Ya, I was totally shocked when my doctor, acted like my quitting smoking was no biggie. Switching to vapeing was a MONUMENTAL move… but no one is happy for me. My doc just said, “nicotine is still a CARCINOGEN”. I said “Ok, but it’s only ONE carcinogen, not 100. There’s no fire involved, no smoke lingering in the room, to drip down the walls, or more importantly, my lungs”. I feel much better. I LOVE TO SMOKE, & would have never quit. & I used to say that out loud. I always wished there was a way to enjoy smoking, without killing myself. Smoking is simply meant to be enjoyed. It’s such a shame that it’s so addictive, & so harmful. I just couldn’t be happier about vapeing:) If the government takes this away from us, on any level, I’ll loose it… Please keep me in the loop (email). Thanx anna c.

  4. Steven Lowry says:

    Yes more people should take the stance… I Vape, I Vote. Shout it out with me people. I Vape, I vote. Nothing scares a politician more than that 4 words.

  5. Lawrence says:

    Anna, Forget the doctor. I’ll say it and I know there is a lot of other vapers that will agree with me. You should be proud that you vape instead of smoking, and if it helps; I’m proud of you for taking that step to vaping instead of smoking. Keep On Vaping! and I, Myself, have been off the stinky’s for over six years now. I still vape but I have no nicotine in mine, and that is because I made the change every three months to drop the nicotine by half mg each time and it worked. So again enjoy Vaping! Cheers.

  6. Charlie9462 says:

    Well after trying to quit cigarettes for over 40 years I finally did it with the help of my new mod and —-cool menthol. What a huge improvement over cigarettes and I have been two months without any. Thanks to ——- for making my flavor and the mod industry for inventing such a great product. I should mention that I tried everything to quit, patches, pills, and cold turkey nothing worked until I found vapeing
    Thanks again

  7. Jamie Scott says:

    Right on for the Brits but hey they have been at the forefront of making vaping a regular thing in Europe! Now we Americans think we are so damn smart but that’s not the word id use for most of the walls vapers are hitting are from GREED alone and that’s Fucking sad when its coming from the fda(sorry can’t capitalize that one) who’s sole reason for being is for the well being of American citizens! Man that sounds sad doesn’t it? Right on for everyone quitting did my story on CASA page go there if ur worried about vaping I’m pretty sure aspen valley has it some where! Vape on guys! And pray for intelligence to shadow greed!

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