6 Reasons People Start Vaping

The vaping industry in the United States has grown by leaps and bounds over the course of the last 10 years. Just a decade ago, the industry was virtually nonexistent. But according to a Forbes report published in 2016, the industry now rakes in about $4 billion every year and could net as much as $10 billion in 2017. It’s clear people are enjoying vaping and all that it has to offer.

Why is that? To some people, the answer might be obvious. The tobacco industry has been a billion-dollar business for years now, but as more and more people have died as a result of smoking, that industry has started to dwindle away. It’s still pulling in billions of dollars every year, but while more than 40 percent of Americans used to smoke cigarettes, that number has been cut down to less than 20 percent and seems to be trending downwards.

Not all former smokers are turning to vaping. And the FDA has told vape shops that they are not allowed to advertise their products as safe cigarette alternatives. But many ex-smokers are turning towards e-cigarettes both for the nicotine fix that they used to get from cigarettes and for the physical act of vaping that simulates smoking to a degree and is comfortable for many former smokers.

But people aren’t just using vaping as a way to put smoking in the past anymore. Vaping has also become popular, in part, because of everything that it has to offer to both ex-smokers and those who are just interested in learning more about it. So there are all kinds of reasons that people are vaping today.

Here are the 6 best reasons people start vaping. Which category fits you best?

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1. To save money

First things first: Vaping can become very expensive if you let it. There are e-cigarettes to buy, e-juices to try, and so many pieces of vaping equipment that are designed specifically for those who just can’t get enough of it.

But if your goal is to save money, vaping is one effective way to do it. While you will have to make an initial investment in an e-cigarette and some e-juices, you will quickly find that you can vape and save a significant amount of money as compared to smoking.

Of course, you will need to set a budget for yourself and avoid chain vaping your way through bottle after bottle of e-juice in order to see real savings. But those who vape usually report that they are able to save money in the long run as a result of it.

2. To test out all of the different e-juice flavors

Whether you want to try out Mod Milk Chocolate Milky Delight, Sodalicious Wired, or Outdoors & Smores By Campfire, there is no shortage of delicious e-juices on the market. There are so many that you could spend the rest of your life vaping and never get the opportunity to try out every e-juice that’s out there.

While some vaping critics have touted all of the flavors as a negative thing—some people believe the flavors are used to target underage kids—the truth is that the flavors were put into place to give vapers all of the options that they could ever ask for.

You can try one bottle of e-juice, and if you don’t like it, all you need to do is find another one that’s more in your wheelhouse. By testing out different e-juices, you will find the ones you like and invest in those so that you can enjoy them more often.

3. To pick up a new hobby

In the beginning, there were only a few different types of e-cigarettes for vapers to use. But over time, vaping manufacturers have created new e-cigarettes, new coils, and new tanks, and advances in technology have allowed vapers to start building their own vaping products as well.

This means that, if you’re so inclined, you can spend hours putting e-cigarettes together, taking them apart, and finding the ins and outs of all of them. Many vaping hobbyists enjoy tinkering with their e-cigarettes, just like car enthusiasts enjoy popping the hood on their vehicles and messing around underneath of it.

There is actually a segment of vapers that spends more time messing around with their vaping equipment than they actually do vaping! It’s pretty incredible to see what some vapers are able to do and how much vapor they are able to produce by tweaking their equipment and finding ways to improve it.

4. To become vaping experts

What’s the best VG/PG ratio to use to produce big clouds? How difficult is it to make your own e-juice? Is there a way to create a dry hit that actually feels good when you’re vaping?

The average vaper might not care to answer any of these questions. But then, there are those vapers who live to figure out everything there is to know about vaping. They are like hobbyists but take things a step further by making their own e-juices, blowing incredible clouds, and preaching about the value of a good dry hit.

It can take months and, in some cases, even years to learn about the intricacies of vaping, but it can be a very rewarding experience and can help you appreciate vaping more than you would if you simply vaped all the time.

5. To relax

Some people like to wake up and start their day with a morning cup of coffee. Others like to blow off a little steam after work by going for a run. And for those who vape, vaping is an excellent option when it comes to trying to relax.

Whether you use an e-juice that has a lot of nicotine in it or an e-juice that has absolutely no nicotine in it (learn about the different nicotine levels here), vaping can help you to unwind and get a hold on your life. If nothing else, the simple act of sitting of taking drags from an e-cigarette can work wonders and allow you the time you need to wrap your mind around everything that’s going on at any given moment.

6. To socialize with fellow vapers

You shouldn’t necessarily vape just because you see other people doing it. After all, no one likes a follower! But one of the biggest benefits of vaping is that you will be welcomed into a large community of vapers when you start.

Whether you need tips about vaping with certain e-juices or just want to chat outside with someone else who you spot with an e-cigarette, vaping is a great way to meet other people and make friends with those who appreciate it just as much as you do.

What reason made you want to start vaping in the first place?

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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons People Start Vaping

  1. Paul Hadwin says:

    I knew the cost and health issues but I didn’t want to stop smoking. I started to keep my partner happy, fully intending to return to smoking. Now I wouldn’t thank you for a cigarette and vaping has become something of a hobby that has turned into employment with a thriving independent vape company.

  2. William (Bill) Miller says:

    As one last effort to kick the 56 year analog habit and I was completely successful. Haven’t smoked a cigarette in 14 months. I did go through 3 months of the most horrendous withdrawals from the analogs all the while still getting my nicotine from vaping so that kind of closes the book on nicotine being the BIG PROBLEM. All I ask now is that BIG BROTHER (FDA) get off my back and let me decide what I now know is best for me and that is vaping.

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