San Francisco Voters Side With Tobacco Flavor Ban

San Fransisco Tobacco Ban

On Tuesday June 5th 2018 San Francisco voters upheld the vote to ban all flavored tobacco products.

Ranging from candy flavored e-liquid to menthol flavored cigarettes.

With this decision, San Francisco is said to now have the most stern policy concerning tobacco flavoring.

Dr. Melissa Welch, a spokeswoman at the American Heart Association, stated that the overwhelming vote around 68% to 32% will hopefully “encourage other cities to follow suit and end the sale of candy-flavored tobacco before nicotine addiction claims a new generation of young people.”

Eric Lindblom, current Georgetown Professor and prior Food and Drug Administration Tobacco Official takes the situation in form a different standpoint.

Professor Lindblom stated “They had a strategic chance there to show that they are actually walking the walk and talking the talk about moving smokers to nonsmoker tobacco products.” 

Professor Lindblom on San Fransisco Tobacco Ban

Later, Lindblom also said “Instead they took this scorched earth approach, trying to eliminate the entire flavor ban. They failed and now other jurisdictions can say, ‘why should we compromise?”

This proposed plan was voted for last year and was supposed to begin in April.

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, a major tobacco company dished out near $12 million for an ad campaign that swept the city in efforts to get the initiative on Tuesday’s ballot.

A spokesman for the company stated that this is a major “setback” for those who advocate tobacco harm reduction “because it removes from the market many potentially reduced-risk alternatives.”

The company aims to discuss the issue with federal representatives to continue the efforts to keep youth away from tobacco products while still having plenty of options for adults to use different alternatives for nicotine consumption.

Some key contributors who have taken initiative to continue to uphold the flavor ban include, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and the American Lung Association.

With a budget of around 3.5 million dollars 1.8 million  of which was contributed by former New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

The strict policy is set to take place within a few days of final certification.



7 thoughts on “San Francisco Voters Side With Tobacco Flavor Ban

  1. Darin Richardson says:

    UNREAL…. I, being a recovering alcoholic, get to see all these commercials on TV with all these FLAVORED alcoholic drinks, beers, liquors….. WTF?! TOTAL B.S.!!!!!! I just don’t get it….. Actually I DO get it, these FLAVOR banners are barking up the wrong tree. Sure both tobacco AND liquor are not good for us, but C’mon, which one has a more negative impact on human life?? WAKE UP YOU FOOLS!!

  2. Ivan P. Lazarus says:

    I am glad that I live in Fla…how are they going to enforce the law..people will still buy it by mail order…people will also still do it…what R they going to do.start to arrest people for it..

  3. Jane says:

    They really want big T to get the market back! Who funded this? Really funded it? Cancer society gets their money from big T. Smh. I do not want to smoke another cigarette as long as I live!

  4. willie says:

    I’m confused. It says that A.J. Reynolds dished out $12 million dollars to get the initiative on the ballot. Yet, the following sentence says that a spokesperson says that it is a setback for those who advocate tobacco harm reduction “because it removes from the market many potentially reduced-risk alternatives.” So, which is it? Was A.J. Reynolds for or against the ban?

    • Angie says:

      What does the flavor ban impact most, cigarettes or eliquids? The answer to that will answer your question. It affects menthol cigarettes, but hits the vaping industry hardest because the flavor ban affects ALL flavored eliquids. If it says Big Tobacco supported it then you can believe it because it hurts them the least. They have been losing billions of dollars in annual cigarette sales as more and more adults have successfully used vaping to stop smoking. Big Tobacco has been looking for a way to hurt the vaping industry and regain their lost customers. The flavor ban is it because the vaping industry depends upon the ability to offer a variety of flavors to help adults stick with vaping for the time their bodies need to break the smoking habit. It doesn’t matter that cigarettes are killing people and vaping is proven to be 95% safer for adults than smoking cigarettes. Those who are using vaping to quit smoking cigarettes aren’t planning on doing it forever anyway. My dad died 6 months ago from a 6 decade smoking habit. I will be lucky not to lose my mom from her grieving his death. After he died, mom begged me to stop smoking cigarettes and it was vaping that made me successful when so many other smoking cessation products had failed. The flavors offered in the eliquids was a huge incentive to stick to vaping and not return to cigarettes. Once you’ve vaped the many flavorful eliquids available, a cigarette tastes absolutely disgusting. Think of how many adult smokers they issued a death sentence to with this flavor ban. This law has absolutely nothing to do with minors illegally obtaining & using flavored vape products, and everything to do with the greed of Big Tobacco companies and the government who want to recoup their losses in sales and tax revenue respectively. Don’t be fooled into believing for one moment that their reasons for the flavor ban are noble. If that was the case, and they are so concerned about keeping harmful substances from tempting minors to use them illegally, then why hasn’t a ban for flavored alcoholic beverages been implemented? Minors are just as drawn to flavored alcoholic beverages as they are flavored tobacco/vape products, if not more so. Just like they knew about & hid the link between cigarettes and lung cancer for decades, they are trying to steer people back to smoking cigarettes because their desire for money exceeds the value they place on human lives.

  5. Jamie Scott says:

    Man all i got to say is if u can’t control ur kid send them on over ill snap them into line for ya seems limp dicks in san francant tell their kids no so they just said fuck it we will take away the flavors and that well PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF slack jawed ass holes get ur kids under wraps and leave our flavors alone dip Shits!!!

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