Handy Odds & Ends For the Serious Vaper’s Toolbox

When you’re just starting out with vaping, it’s best to keep it simple. Most beginner vapers begin their ecigarette journey with disposable cig-a-likes or a basic starter kit and, for many people, that’s all they’ll ever need.

There are many others, however, who realize that basic devices merely scratch the surface of what vaping has to offer. They are not content to make do with easy, hands-off devices, and move up to ecigarettes that require refilling, maintenance, and often even rebuilding coils and wicks.

But at some point, after getting more comfortable and experienced with ecigarettes, most vapers feel the need to up their game. Many aren’t content to go on using beginner’s supplies and get tired of fumbling with makeshift tools and containers they happened to have around the house.

If you’ve ever felt this way, it’s time to invest in some dedicated, high-quality tools and accessories for your ecigarette instead of relying on odds and ends. There are all kinds of useful, time-saving, and frustration-reducing gadgets you can buy to make vaping more convenient.

In this post we’ll go over a variety of vaping gadgets that any serious vaper or builder should consider adding to their kit. We’ve covered everything from specialty coil jigs mini-tools to battery cases and spill-proof eliquid tank refillers to help you enhance and simplify your vaping routine.

General Tools Any Vaper Can Use

Plastic Battery Case

A plastic battery carrier can be a lifesaver, but many beginner vapers skip out on this accessory when they first get started. Unfortunately, many also make the mistake of carrying loose rechargeable batteries in their pockets, bags, or purses not realizing it’s a serious hazard.

Not storing batteries properly can not only ruin your battery and make it useless, but it can be a serious hazard to you and those around you if it overheats. That’s why it’s important to keep them in a secured, plastic container where they have no chance of getting damaged or contacting any metal objects.

You can get plastic battery storage cases with dividers for pretty much all types and sizes of removable rehargeable batteries. They will help you keep track of your batteries, protect them from damage, and they don’t cost much at all.

Easy Ejuice Dispensers

Serious Vaper's Toolbox
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Not all eliquid bottles are easy to handle, especially for refilling small tanks. Using the bottle your ejuice comes in to refill your tank on the can be a hassle at best and a messy disaster at worst.

Luckily, there are special eliquid containers you can get to help you pour eliquid even into tiny tank openings with minimal chance of leaks, spills, and splashes. You can go with something simple like a glass bottle and dropper, or plastic squeeze bottle with a needle tip (like a Unicorn bottle), for just a couple dollars.

If you want to go with something more durable and classy, there are stainless steel ejuice dispensers like the Ucan and Vcan. These bottles are a little more pricey, but they have sturdy needle tips for precision pouring and spring-loaded pumps to give you even more control. It’s a great option for dripping, too.

Easy Drip Bottles

If you’re tired of juice spills and awkwardly dripping onto your RDA from glass eliquid bottles, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s an easier way. The EZ Dripper Bottle is a container with a small pump for precise and mess-free dripping, and you can get your hands on it for less than $10.

You first have to pour your ejuice into the EZ Dripper Bottle the old-fashioned way, but after that you’re good to drip easily on-the-go. If you keep a few bottles filled and at the ready you can even swap out eliquid flavors as often as you like without any extra hassle.

It works similarly to the Ucan dispenser; you simply pump the precision tip to dispense just the right amount of juice to your coils as needed. You can even buy a separate mount to put the EZ Dripper bottle in and allows you to dispense juice with even more convenience.

Tools for Coil Builders and DIY Vapers

Magnifying Glass & Light

It’s a classic, simple tool, but one many vapers don’t think to buy. A stand-up magnifying glass with a LED bulb is a must for any serious builder’s work space.

It makes attaching coils, tightening screws, and making any kind of small adjustment radically easier than using your unaided eye. Once you’ve given it a try, you’ll wonder how you ever did a complex build without it

Tiny Tools For Tight Spaces

Most standard-issue pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and other handy tools are much too large for working on tiny coils and atomizers. That’s why experienced builders use mini versions that make handling small screws, wires, and ecigarette parts more manageable.

Many shops sell mini ecigarette tool kits, but you can usually find them for a cheaper price in the jewelry-making section at your local craft store.

While you’re at it, it’s also worth investing in a pair of ceramic tweezers. They are strong, durable, and heat-resistant tips make them perfect for setting coils.

Coil Jig

Many vapers use screwdrivers and other household items for wrapping coils when they first get started. But if you want to get more advanced consider getting yourself a coil jig, which will help you make tight, perfect coils that you can’t get with any other tool.

Most jigs come with a variety of “pegs” with different diameters so you can get coils that are just the right size every time. You can even find battery-powered jigs that automatically wind the wire around the peg for you!

Sharp, Dedicated Clippers and Cutters

When you’re clipping wire or trimming wicks, you want as straight and clean of a cut as possible.

That’s why many builders keep a dedicated set of sharp scissors and wire cutters to use only for rebuilding. That will help keep them sharp and clean; after all, you don’t want to end up with frayed wicks and bent wires from using dull tools.

Spools and Organizers

If you’re an avid coil-builder, then you can streamline your work with a set of spool holders to keep your wires in place. It will help you keep different types and guages organized and prevent pesky kinks and unraveling.

Other organizing containers can help you keep all of your other tools and supplies together. An arts and crafts store is a great place to look, and many vapers have found that sewing and bead-organizing containers are particularly handy.

Bring Your Vape to the Next Level

Very few people are brave or patient enough to jump head-first into the world of refillable ecigarettes and DIY coils at the start.

When they do venture out of the beginner’s realm, most vapers start with cheap supplies from the local shops and hardware store. But if you’re ready to bust out of the “casual” scene and into the realm of serious vaping, you’ll want to invest in some better, dedicated tools and accessories.

Whether you’re a serious builder or simply a frequent vaper looking to save some time and hassle, you can find something on this list to help boost and simplify your routine. If you prefer to keep it simple or are already stocked on accessories, then make sure to save this list for the next time you need a gift for the passionate vaper in your life.

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