Sigelei 75 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod FAQs

Whenever a popular new device comes on the market, we like to keep vapers informed with our frequently asked questions series. Sigelei has produced some of the best box mods on the market, from the mini to the 150W dual 18650 box mod. We are extremely excited for their first temperature control device.

How Big Is The Sigelei 75W Box Mod W/ Temp Control?
This device is currently listed at 90.4*40*24mm. The size of this box mod makes it perfect for taking out and about when you’re on the go!

Sigeli Temp Control Box Mod

When Does The Sigelei 75W Temp Control Box Mod Come Out?
As of right now, Sigelei is planning on shipping out the 75W box mod in early June. We are currently accepting pre orders for only $61.99.

Is The 75W Temperature Control Box Mod Dual 18650?
This model houses only one single 18650. In the future, Sigelei may release a dual 18650 box mod with temp control. One of the biggest advantages of having a unit that houses only one 18650 is that they are smaller and easier to take with you on the go.

What Is The Voltage Output Of The Sig 75W Temp Control Box Mod?
The voltage output is 0.5-8.5 volts.

Do I Need To Use Nickel Wire For The Temperature Control Settings?
Yes, to use the temperature control features on this Sigelei box mod, you must use a nickel wire coil. If you use popular sub ohm tanks, such as the Aspire Atlantis or Subtank Mini, companies are producing pre-built nickel wire coils.

What Is The Temperature Range For This Box Mod?
This Sigelei box mod has a 100℃-350℃/212°F-662°F temp range.

Does This Device Come With A Battery?
Unfortunately it does not. You will have to purchase an 18650 battery to use this device, if you don’t already have some.

What Chip Is In The Sigelei 75W Temperature Control Box Mod?
We are currently awaiting confirmation from Sigelei as to what chip set is inside of this device. It is safe to assume that it will be a Yihi chip, as Sigelei is known for using Yihi chips in their box mods.


What Are The Resistance Settings On This Box Mod?
The current specifications are showing that this device can be fired down to .05ohms. If that changes, we will be sure to update this!
Can I Use Regular Kanthal Coils With The Sigelei Temperature Control Box Mod?
Of course! This device has regular wattage settings from 5 watts all the way up to 75 watts. You can increase or decrease the wattage in .1 increments. You will be able to use your favorite RDA/RBA, Clearomizer, or Sub Ohm tank with this box mod.

How Do I Switch Between Wattage And Temperature Control On The Sigelei 75 Watt Mod?
As of right now, we have not used this device. Once we have one on hand, we will update this and let you know how to change the settings. It is assumed that you will change the setting by clicking the fire button multiple times.

Does This Box Mod Have Pass-through Charging?
We will update this once we have the official word from Sigelei. If it does not feature pass-through charging, there is no need to worry because both sides of this box mod have a removable battery door. Changing your 18650s has never been easier!

You can purchase the Sigelei 75W Box Mod With Temperature Control for only $61.99 by clicking HERE.

Have any additional questions about this device? Please let us know in the comment section below and we will be happy to answer them!

28 thoughts on “Sigelei 75 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod FAQs

  1. Dan says:

    Would like to buy a good temperature/adjustable wattage box mod.which one is best ?should I wait and just be patient? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Dan. 909-994-6644

  2. anonmouse says:

    Chris, it just does nickel no titanium. read a little about possible dangers of vaping nickel and decide for yourself if it is worth the risk.

  3. Jeff says:

    I just got this 75 watt Sigelei and am having a firing button problem. It still fires but rattles around badly like its not in right or snug. I saw this problem with the 100 watt sigelei but there is nowhere that shows how to even take the 75 watt apart to get inside to the button.

    • regi says:

      I experienced the same rattle for 2 reasons, the 510 was a little short, and the battery i used was my daughters, and she really cranks her tubes tight, pushing in the top of batteries. I changed rdas and batteries and had no more rattle

  4. TheBza says:

    I bought mine and love it, works great, but it’s only showing me Celcius, no ability to change to farhenheit? does anyone know how to change that setting?

  5. Bailey says:

    Alright so I’ve been vaping for a year just to quit smoking cigarettes but I’ve tried mods out before and I like them a lot so I just bought this sigelei 75watt as a starter, I bought a subg tank (impulsive buy they were closing up) which is now looking bad because it says suggested 20-35 watts so I will probably take it back tomorrow, I need lots of information on these things and what website I should go to

  6. peter says:

    hi….had the sigelei 75w…notice that I am still able to fire and use tis device at temperature control using kanthal coil…my ohm 0.24..thought only nickel the mod will recognize…somehow still manage to use kanthal with tc…is it weird..or i am missing something…

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      We do not recommend using kanthal with temperature control, even if your device is still functioning in Ni mode while using kanthal mode. The Sigelei cannot safely recognize kantal wire in Ni mode.

  7. vaping-ginge says:

    hi there I am new to using a 75w just ordered this sigelei do you recon I would be able to use my plume and troll on this mod or what do you thinks the best rda would be to use. thanks….

  8. seth says:

    I’m sorta new to vape-Ing ad the ego one battery I was using broke, can I use the tank from my ego one on the sigelei mod or do I need a new tank

  9. Maria says:

    Hey there , I’m new to “dripping” and I just bought a sigelei 75W box. I think what I have on it rn is called a rebuildable RDA? its blue and it says “dotmod” on it. I also bought the Sense Herakles tank. Will they both fire on this device? Which is recommended for the 75W anyway?

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      They will both work perfectly! We do prefer using tanks, but you can use whichever one that you prefer more.

      Vape On 🙂

  10. Benny says:

    Any Idea on what tank to use that would allow me to vape at 50-75w without killing the battery in 2 hours? I have the Atlantis 2 with .3 coils and if I crank it up to 60 it last about 2 hours and I am already changing the battery. Would a new tank allow it to work more efficiently/not drain the battery so quick? I do have extras but am not enjoying having to change them 3 times a day.

    Thank you!

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      The tank won’t really have any change on your battery life, but the coil will. The lower the ohm, the faster your battery will drain. You could try out some higher ohm coils on the Atlantis 2 and see if you still enjoy the vapor production that they produce.

      What batteries are you using? You should be getting more than 2 hours of battery life, even with a 0.3ohm coil.

  11. Reese says:

    How do I raise and Lower the voltage on the 75w sigelei box mod? Just bought it brand new and the volts are at 0, can’t figure out how to change it.

    • Lenny ViDiViCi says:

      Short answer: You can’t

      The volts appear when you hit the fire button.

      My Theory:
      In Power mode they are calculated by the device to keep it at set wattage through the changing coil resistance as it heats up.
      In TC mode with Ni-200 coils you can adjust the wattage and temp settings and the device will adjust the voltage to keep the coils at or below the set temp.
      Hope this helps

  12. Clyde Turner says:

    I have a Sigelei 75 watt TC box mod. I am using 18650 batteries that are 2500mAh. I tried using 18650 batteries at 3800 mAh but it would not work. Can you explain why. I have only been vaping for about a year. I thought a higher mAh battery would make it last longer.

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