Smok Xpro M45 (Updated M36) Aspen Valley Vapes Review!

“What is up everybody! This is Andy with Aspen Valley Vapes and today we are going to be doing a little review of the Smok Xpro M45. So I have been using this device for about 2 weeks now and I am loving it! It’s great, it’s compact, simple to use no switching to the 18650s because it runs off of a internal battery. and it does fire down to .2 so you can use the sub-ohm tanks on it. But it is definitely a great device and I am loving it! I have had no problems once so ever so far. Right now I have been using the Aspire Atlantis on the Xpro M45. I would say its a great set up for someone that is looking to get into a cloud chasing device that doesn’t want to have to deal with building coils or any of that stuff. Now this combo right here with the Aspire Atlantis and the Smok Xpro M45 is a great device for someone that is looking to transition into the cloud chasing. Getting the better vapor production, its definitely a great set up! You don’t need to know how to build your own coils, or changing the cotton,  you just slap the Aspire Atlantis on top and fill it up with juice and your ready to go!”


Smoke Xpro M45 Features Internal Battery

“Since it runs off an internal battery you don’t have to deal with any of the swapping out your 18650s which some people do like, it’s all personal preference. I personally prefer box mods that run off an internal battery so I don’t have to deal with the charging of the 18650s, but that’s all personal preference. Some people really do enjoy being able to switch out a new battery on the go. With this I usually get a full days use without having to charge again! That’s going to come down to how often your vaping. If you are chain vaping nonstop you’re not going to get a full days use out of it. Even if you do vape pretty heavily you should be able to get about a full day out of this device on one single charge.”


Smoke Xpro M45 Specifications

“Now some of the specs about the unit. It is a 2200 internal battery, it will fire down to .2 so you can use any of the sub-ohm tanks. The Atlantis, the Delta 2, the Arctic, you can use all of those on this, which makes it great for beginners. It is a 45 watt device, hence the name Smok Xpro M45. It originally came out at 36 watts but they have updated it and have updated the text on here to read 45. So it is 45 full watts, you can go anywhere from 6 all the way up to 45, or somewhere in between to find your favorite vape sweet spot. When I use the Atlantis right now I’m running at 23.1, not sure if you can see that but we will take a closer look here in a second. I am using 23.1 watts right now I feel that it is a very solid vape. It does feature a micro USB charger so it’s simple to use, it does include one with the starter kit but I am sure you have a bunch lying around, if not though it does include one. One of the interesting features of this is it does have a mech mode! If you give the device 3 clicks then hit the fire button one more time it will switch between wattage and mech mode. I really haven’t noticed a big difference between the two, you can play around with it and let us know down in the comments if you have noticed a difference. But to me personally I have kept it on wattage mode for the majority of the time and when I do put it on the mech mode there’s not much difference to me. Lets go ahead and take a few puffs to see how this thing vapes! Like I said earlier I’m doing it at 23.1 watts right now with the Aspire Atlanits. As you can see even at 23 watts with the Aspire Atlantis its still has some great vapor production with this set up.”


What Is Included With The Smok Xpro M45?

“Alright so lets take a closer look at everything you get in the box and take a quick look at the screen display and the features. So take a look here at the packaging you can see it does have the updated 45 watt sticker on there, as it was originally a 36 watt device. So you can see this is the silver version while this is the charcoal, it does come in 2 other colors. It comes in a black, which is a bit darker than that, but it does come in a gold addition which is pretty snazzy as well. When you open it up here you can see it does come with a silica gel packet to keep your mod fresh, that’s always a good thing… Lets take a look in here. As you can see here it does come with a 510 ego adapter. If you are going to use a tank like the Mini Protank3 or anything like that you can definitely still use it with this, it was very nice of them to include that with it. It comes with your basic micro USB charger, I’m sure you have a bunch of these laying around, but if not you do have an extra one right here. It does come with another power button which is interesting, or the fire button I guess i should say. This one has more of a metal feel, and this one is more of a rubbery silicon. So if you ever want to switch out your power button you can go with this and get a little more of a rubbery feel, your finger wont slide over it as easy. But I haven’t had any problems with that. But it is a nice little feature to include! It’s simple, but it’s nice, it’s something. You also get your instruction manual which will show you everything about the device. The functions, how to use it, all that good jazz. You get another silica gel packet, and it does say “do not eat”, so make sure you do toss these once you get it. There you have it, that’s everything you get with the Smok Xpro M45.”


How To Operate The Smok Xpro M45 Box Mod

“Taking a closer look here, here you can see the display, you do have your power level. It will indicate obviously your power level. When you do hook it into the USB charger and hit the fire button it will tell you how much power you have left. It is also pass-through as you can see here with the micro USB charger, so you can still vape on it while it’s still charging. The included cable is a little short so you will need to be close to your wall socket, or you probably have another longer micro USB cable laying around. Here are your 2 buttons to increase and decrease that wattage. You can see that it does go up by .1 increments. It goes from 6 all the way up to 45. To get to the mech mode you want to press the fire button 3 times. It will come up with that little screen, and on this screen you can switch between power or if you want to turn your device off. If you just leave it right here it will say wattage mode, press the fire button one more time and it will switch to mech mode. That is very simple to do, do it 3 more times. You are going to keep it in wattage mode, like I said earlier I don’t notice any difference but if you do that’s great! I would love to hear about it in the comments below. To power off your device you do the same as the wattage mode. 1, 2, 3 hit it once wait for the power on and there you go. A nice little message displayed there. To turn on your device tap the fire button 5 times quickly…. Welcome! And you are ready to go! To lock this device all you have to do is click the fire button 5 times… Locked! Now the device will not fire. It’s definitely a good feature to have if you keep it in your pocket somewhere, or put it in your purse. You definitely want to have the lock feature on so its not firing without you knowing about it. To unlock it do the same thing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 BOOM! You’re ready to vape! Now the Smok Xpro M45 does have a spring loaded brass firing pin, which is very nice. It is also adjustable, as you can see so you can get in there and adjust it if you are having any issues, but with the Aspire Atlantis on top you can see it sits nice and flush there. There is no gap once so ever between these 2 devices, it’s perfect! I think Smok really out did themselves on this one! This is a great device and I would highly recommend it.”


Aspen Valley Vapes Smok Xpro M45 Review Wrap Up

“That is going to wrap up the review of the Smoke Xpro M45. You can purchase it on our website,, it is right now $43.95 for members. You can find a link in the description below. Leave your comments if you are liking this device so far. This right now is our first review video, out of many to come! If you do subscribe to our channel you can stay updated with all the latest reviews because we are going to be cranking them out! All the newest products that come out, you can definitely expect to see a review from us. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave a comment in the section below, or you can email us at Or you can give us a call at 1-800-266-7556, have a wonderful day!

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