What Is A Squonk Mod? How Do They Work?

What is a squonk mod?

A report released in 2015 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that in the year 2014, electronic cigarettes and vapor products were used on a regular basis by 3.7 percent of American adults. This is a figure that represents over 9 million adult consumers according to the United States Census Bureau. The findings of a survey conducted by the National Health Interview Survey showed that, 12.6 percent of adults in the United States have tried using an e-cigarette at least once.

The history of squonk mods

The origins of bottom-feed mods date back to 2009. “Carlos49”, a member of the E-CigaretteForum (ECF) was credited with creating the first squonker that was commercially available. He created the Juicebox which featured an integrated atomizer. His creation, the Juicebox never achieved commercial success because it was not possible to service the integrated atomizer without having it sent back to the modder coupled. It was also because he was not able to fulfill the orders that were coming in. It however served as an inspiration to the successful and most popular squonker: The REO which was created by another ECF member called Robert O’Neil.

Most people in the world of vaping are conversant with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA), they however have one drawback and that is the dripping bit of the equation. With an RDA you have to carry a bottle of e-liquid around with you, and drip it into your atomizer constantly. This can be very bothersome and can tend to get a bit messy. It has however become a problem of the past with the introduction of squonking.

What is squonking?

Squonking is a vaping style that involves the use of a squonk mode and a bottom-fed re-buildable tank atomizer. It is aimed at people that vape and are looking for an all in one solution. It has a variety of products tailored to suit each and everyone’s needs. It contains bottles of a large capacity and this helps to do away with carrying around separate bottles of juice throughout the day. The origin of the term squonking is somewhat a mystery but that is what we call it to day.

What exactly is it?

A squonk mod also known as a bottom feeder mod is a vaporizer that carries your e-liquid supply through a tube into a hollow 510 center pin straight up into your RDA. They are uzsually operated by external batteries. You can however find DNA-powered 200-watt squonk mods today. It is concealed to cover the batteries and bottle and has a cut-out for squeezing which is also referred to as squonking. It is easy to operate, self- contained and a very convenient way to enjoy conventional dripping without any of the hassle.

How does a squonk mod work?

Below is a comprehensive step by step process on how to use your squonk mod;

  1. Squeeze your bottle gently so that the e-liquid will rise into the RDA.
  2. Release the bottle, letting it get back into its original shape. The vacuum caused by doing this will suck the extra e-liquid that is left in the RDA back into the bottle. The only e-liquid that will remain in the RDA will be enough to wet the wick and leave a bit extra.
  3. Hit the power button of your mod to take a puff then sit back, relax and start vaping. Continue vaping until you feel the flavor diminishing then gently squeeze the bottle again.

It is very easy to get a grip on how to use a squonk mod. A couple of squeezes every so often after a few puffs will wet the wicks and keep your vape dry hit free.

What are the benefits of using a squonk mode?

As we all know, everything has its positives and its negatives. Below is a list of the benefits of using a squonk mod;

  1. It is convenient to use because there are no frequent refills or dripping.
  2. It is easier to squonk while on the go compared to using an RDA because with an RDA, you have to constantly drip.
  3. The size of most bottle tanks are 5ml or less however, the bottle size of a squonk mod is generally over 7ml.
  4. There is minimized leaking and overflow because the excess e-liquid ends up back inside the bottle.
  5. Flavor is similar to that you will get when using an RDA.

What are the disadvantages that come with the use of a squonk mod?

  1. Battery life is the biggest downside when it comes to squonking. Until the recent growth in dula battery squonkers most squonk set ups used a single 18650 battery, though that is changing now with the release of 20700 batteries and 21700 batteries. 
  2. There is higher vape juice consumption because squonking makes it more convenient. This however largely depends on your vaping habits.
  3. Some set-ups have a hard time with re-absorption of the excess juice that rises into the RDA. This shows that overflow is not completely eliminated.
  4. There are only a few regulated squonk mods in the market. Most squonk mods are unregulated.

Could squonking be for you?

The only way you can find out whether it is your thing is to start by trying it out. Squonking has a number of advantages as listed above and so if you are looking for convenience but still want to maintain the flavor and vapor production you get when dripping. It just might be your thing.

One squonk mod we highly recommend if you’re getting into Squonks is the regulated Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W mod. 

Squonking is not really a thing for people who are new to the vaping scene. If you are not into coil rebuilding and RDAs, you might want to start with regular tanks that have replaceable coils then work your way up. Squonk mods can be quite expensive because most of the devices are not produced in mass and have a waiting list. This can make a huge dent in your budget if you develop a fetish.

11 thoughts on “What Is A Squonk Mod? How Do They Work?

  1. Doug Nichols says:

    Thank you for explain this mod. I have been vaping for three plus years and still haven’t the ideal vaping liquid, or mod. It is cheaper by far to vape. What if anything protects the bottle? This mod sounds to good to be average cost.

    • andy flynn says:

      Hey Doug!

      What type of setup are you currently using? The bottle (usually made of silicon or plastic) is sorta protected by the casing of the Squonk mod, with just a tiny window to fit your finger in to “activate” the bottle by pushing it in.

  2. Doug Nichols says:

    Is there a liquid that is close to the Marlboro flavor. All tabacco’s I try are to harsh or not enough. I have found a sweet vape that is good but I can’t use it all the time, I need that tabacco taste. I asked you once before help with the taste I want but never got a reply

    • andy flynn says:

      What milligram do you have and in what type of setup? We do have a really good tobacco flavor, but its made for lower powered devices and the mg content is 40mg.

    • Eric Janssen says:

      Doug- you might try Slim’s “Red Boro”. It’s the closest I’ve found and I love it. It is in my daily rotation and I’m constantly taken aback by it’s true tobacco taste.

      • Ed Jones says:

        Taste is subjective for sure. I started vaping to quit smoking and it worked. I’ve tried several vape flavors and have decided on flavorless juice. Central vape has the best flavorless and is very reasonable for price. I buy 250ml x4 and it lasts me a very long time.

    • April D says:

      There are two different ones Vaporsource carry that are amazingly spot on Marlboro lights and Reds. One is called “cowboy blend “the other is “classic red “. They are based in Colorado but will ship ! Hope this helps !

    • Lauren says:

      Have you ever tried the Basix Series Butterscotch Reserve? It is sweet, but the tobacco flavor is prominent. One of my absolute favorites.

    • Jeff says:

      MMMMMMMMM. I wonder if theres a swisher sweets blend juice. that sounds killer. id be broke. lol. im gonna look now to. I have had mod box in a box for 4 years and just these last 3 months pulled it out replaced the tank and have ripped my mag 225 into individual pieces. disassembling to the bare mother board. Doing repairs on these things for friends now. they just saw what I did and now ive igot tools all over and get to check out other peoples vape boxes after working on and putting them back to as good as new if its possible that is. . ill even do custom paint if ya want . but now I heard the word Squonker . Now…….. have been looking to get a couple or three new mods for me … for x-mas. I’ve been good . …..sorta,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was ready to jump to rda immediately. but have just kept tinkering. buying swapping tanks parts batteries and have just put it off having a great time. spend an hour some times chatting in variouse vape shops in the area some disapointments and fails . but that’s what learning is. thanks for the great discriptin and info. im going to check out as many youtube videos as I can. next month rather than spending $$$$$$ on more mods. and tanks and juices . im going to skip the rda. and go straight to squonking. sounds like an amazing device that I cant wait to get my hands on . and my tools and customize . gonna go find out more, thanks again.

  3. C corum says:

    I vape about 15ml to 20ml a day and duel batterys in 8hrs I like to take 8 to 10 second draws and I hit it repeatedly all day would a squonk be what I need ?

    • Martyn Ian Britton says:

      yes, absolutely.. but then it also depends.. are you currently using a RDA or a tank with factory build coils like the smok big baby as one example? if your currently dripping on a RDA setup then squonking could definetly be for you as it eliminates having to constantly unscrew a juice and carefully drip it onto your coils.. if how ever your currently using a tank with factory build coils then you may not see much difference..

      with squonking you absolutely have to know how to build your own coils, different wires and cottons all can make the overall experience taste different

    • Ed Jones says:

      Damn! Long draw for sure! I use tfv12 cloud beast and fill 2.5 times a day. I vape like crazy— or so I thought. Haha! What talk and mod do you use? Have you tried the quad batt mods? I just ordered the Wismec quad batt and look forward to seeing how long batt lasts and power it pulls.

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