Standard E-Liquid VS. Salt Nicotine E-Liquid: Which MG is Right For You?

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If you have heard of Salt Nicotine E-liquids then you know that the market is absolutely booming right now.

These higher nicotine juices are common among low wattage devices like the Aspire Breeze, Suorin Drop, Smok Infinix and many others.

So what if you want to, for example, switch between your SMOK X-Priv and a smaller device such as an Aspire Breeze.

Which MG juice should you get?

Well as many things in vaping are, this is primarily subjective and pretty much up to personal preference. 

In this article we will go over how to get the most out of your vaping experience and hopefully help those who have the same questions as we do! 

Brief History of E-liquid Nicotine

First we will start with the basics, MG or Milligram is the denominating factor as to what percentage nicotine is in a given juice. For example if you have a 6mg that means that the E-liquid is 6% nicotine.

0mg, 3mg, 6mg and up to around 12-18mg are commonly used in mods and tanks such as the SMOK X-Priv, Wismec Sinuous Ravage, and Eleaf Pico.

The reason for this is that devices such as these run at higher wattage outputs that create big clouds and great flavor. 

These devices deliver great throat hits, but there were still some vapers looking for a more powerful throat hit and head buzz.

Along came stealth devices! Stealth devices provide lower wattage outputs that create smaller clouds and less of a pull than you could get from a bigger mod.

What makes these stealth devices so attractive to many is that they are most commonly used with higher MG E-juices.

This combination creates a realistic pull and throat hit similar to smoking a cigarette. Very attractive for former cigarette smokers who seek the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette.

Stealth devices provided something vapers hadn’t seen yet. Since the sizes of lower wattage stealth devices are much smaller, vapers quickly took notice at how these devices are so easy to use and carry. 

What is a Salt Nicotine E-juice?

To understand Salt Nicotine E-juices, we need to first explain bit of chemistry.

In 1960 the company that owns Marlboro, Philip Morris, now called Altria, discovered that if you can manage the pH levels in nicotine you can get a more fine tuned throat hit.

Salt Nicotine takes advantage of a process called alkalinity, basically nerdy stuff that can change the pH level of a liquid, by doing so manufacturers are able to lower the harshness of a throat hit.

Since the throat hit is lowered now they then are able to increase the MG of nicotine sometimes as high as 50mg while still having a pleasant throat hit and great flavors!

Pros & Cons

Pros of Salt Nicotines:

– Very smooth throat hits and gentle buzzing feeling

– Better flavor production

– In most cases Nicotine Salt E-liquid is cheaper than Standard Nicotine E-liquid

Cons of Salt Nicotines:

– Some people report that Nicotine Salts are just too much for them

– Fewer flavor and brand options, not all companies make salt juices

How to Convert MG from Standard to Salt Nicotine (Aspen Valley Vapes Case Study)

Salt Nicotine Standard NicotineAs we stated earlier, most everything in the vaping community is personal preference. Colors, shapes, sizes, flavors, and coils, just to name a few. But…. we may have cracked the code. 

So you already have a bigger mod set up and you vape at a lower MG, lets say 3mg, but you’re wondering what MG you should get with your brand new stealth mod. 

We conducted a survey to see if we could figure out what Standard nicotine people tend to vape at and compare that to what they vape for Salt Nicotine.

Out of 600+ responses we saw that 88.9% of vapers use Standard Nicotine E-liquid. In order of the most popular standard MG used are 3MG at 47%… 6MG at 33.4% … 12MG at 8.8%.

Of the 600+ responses 66.2% of those stated that they use Salt Nicotine E-liquids. In order the most popular Salt Nicotine E-liquids are 50MG at 18%…  25MG at 14.1%… 30Mg at 9.7%.

While this doesn’t exactly tell us who uses what MG when vaping Standard Nicotine compared to what MG they use for Salt Nicotine.

We can infer that those who do use Standard Nicotine tend to feel most comfortable when using Salt Nicotine at around 25MG-30MG.

A good rule of thumb for any vaper looking to make the switch from Standard Nicotine to Salt Nicotine would be multiply the MG you use for Standard Nicotine by 3-4 times.

For instance if you were to use 6MG when vaping Standard Nicotine you would want to vape a 18mg-24mg Salt Nicotine.

While most everything in vaping is purely personal preference, our research gives the vaping community a guideline which to feel the most comfortable in your switch!

Nicotine Salt Usage in Sub Ohm Tanks

So what if you are looking to use a Salt Nicotine in a Sub Ohm tank what does that mean for the MG you choose to vape?

We talked to Jeffery Nelson, co-owner of California Grown E-Liquids to better understand this. Jeffery stated that “If (the vaper) (is) a hybrid device user (sub ohm system and a pod user) I would suggest they use either 12 or 18mg as they will need higher nicotine concentrations to get the experience they desire from the lower temp pod systems.”

What exactly does that mean though? Well first we need to understand what Sub Ohm means.

Sub Ohm is a term used when the coils used in a specific mod produce a resistance of less than 1.0 ohms.

Sub Ohm devices tend to produce big vapor clouds. To sum up, Sub Ohm devices take advantage of spreading out heat over a greater area making for big clouds with minimal throat irritation. 

Jeffery suggests for a 3MG Standard Nicotine E-Liquid, to bump up to a 12MG or 18MG for Salt Nicotine, which would be in the area of 4-6 times MG strength.


This survey provides great factual information to help you make your decision easier! You should never feel like you have to stay within these guidelines, but it is a great starting point.

As always, try new things.

Try to move up a level in MG and see if you are comfortable there, if not move down a level and see if you are comfortable there.

Most of vaping is trial and error so if you aren’t afraid to try things you may not like then you will have a better understanding of what you do like!

There are so many brands in the vaping industry with so many different flavors. Each brand’s E-liquid, Standard or Salt hits differently and tastes differently from others.

One watermelon flavor may not be your favorite but that doesn’t mean to give up looking for a good watermelon flavor. Just keep looking!

Take some time to look through our website and see if you can find your favorite E-Liquid!

Please comment below if you have experience from switching from Standard Nicotine E-Liquid to Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. What MG do you use for your Standard Nicotine vs which MG do you use for your Salt Nicotine E-Liquid?



4 thoughts on “Standard E-Liquid VS. Salt Nicotine E-Liquid: Which MG is Right For You?

  1. Jonathan Maxson says:

    Which e salt menthol/mint flavor liquid in the 6% range would you suggest.
    The-liquid would be used in Juul pod.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi i have been using 3mg Naked lava and naked unicorn but would like to try the new aspire breeze 2 why do you recommend

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:

      You can use the Naked 3mg in the Aspire Breeze 2 without an issue. If you would like to use a nicotine salt e-liquid in there, i’d check out the NKD 100 salt line since you already enjoy the Naked 100 flavors 🙂

  3. Kathi Berman-Gilmore says:

    If I use 18 (occasionally 12) mg of “regular” ejuice does that mean I should try 50 mg nic salts?

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