6 Signs That Show It’s Time to Switch to a New E-Juice

Every vaper has a few e-juices that they like to keep around at all times. Maybe you like to make sure you vape with one of the first e-juices you ever used, just for old times’ sake. Or maybe there’s one particular e-juice that you just love and never get tired of no matter how many times you’ve used it.

Whatever the case, it’s okay to have a few favorite e-juices. But there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of e-juices on the market right now. So if you only use a few select favorites and have never gotten around to branching out and trying new e-juices, you’re really doing yourself a huge disservice. You could be missing out on a new favorite right now by refusing to try anything new.

Whether you like pink lemonade, strawberry bubble gum, or cotton candy e-juice flavors, Aspen Valley Vapes has something in store for you. We routinely stock new e-juices and are always looking for new flavors that will keep our customers happy. But it’s up to you to actually get out there and try the new e-juices that we provide.

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable trying new things, though, so we thought we would provide you with a few signs that show it’s time to change the e-juice in your tank soon. If you are currently experiencing any of these things, do yourself a favor and give one of our new e-juice flavors a try. You will be glad you did.

1. The e-juice you are currently using doesn’t have as much flavor as it used to.

When you first start using a certain e-juice, it might taste absolutely magical. You might vape with it all day and night because you love it so much. But by the third or fourth day of vaping with it, it might start to lose its luster, and suddenly, it might not taste anything like you remember it tasting on day one.

If this is the case for you, you probably have a case of vape tongue. This is a condition that’s caused when you vape with one specific e-juice for multiple days. Your taste buds get used to it, and before long, they don’t sense as much flavor as they did at first.

The bad news is that it usually takes a few days to get rid of vape tongue. So you won’t be able to taste the e-juice you want to use for a while. But the good news is that you can usually get rid of vape tongue by switching e-juice flavors and trying something new. It will give you an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons when it comes to e-juices.

2. The e-juice you are currently using doesn’t have the right PG and VG levels.

Do you want to “chase clouds” when you vape? As in, do you want to produce a lot of vapor when you exhale during your next vaping experience? If so, you should look to purchase e-juices that have higher amounts of VG, or vegetable glycerin, in them. E-juices that are 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG, or propylene glycol, are usually your best bet for cloud chasing.

If you don’t want to vape with an e-juice that produces large clouds, though, you should select one with a 50/50 blend or a higher PG level. It really all comes down to personal preference, but you would be surprised by how many new vapers don’t even consider PG vs. VG when purchasing an e-juice.

Once you find out whether you like more PG or more VG in your e-juice, you can stick with that blend. But especially at the beginning, you should swap out e-juices and try different blends so that you can get a sense of what you like and what you don’t like.

3. The e-juice you are currently using has too much or too little nicotine in it.

Do you feel lightheaded every time you vape? Or do you find yourself vaping more and more often because you’re not getting the nicotine fix you need? In both cases, it could be because you are vaping with an e-juice that has the wrong nicotine level.

In the first case, you are probably vaping with an e-juice that has too much nicotine in it. Too much nicotine can make you feel a little lightheaded, and it can take away from your overall vaping experience.

In the second case, you are probably vaping with an e-juice that doesn’t have enough nicotine in it. Too little nicotine can force you to chain vape your e-cigarette to get the nicotine your body is craving.

Either way, it’s time for you to rethink your nicotine level. Go here to check out how to choose the right nicotine level for your specific situation.

4. The e-juice you are currently using has been sitting in storage for more than two years.

E-juices don’t really have an exact expiration date. Some can last longer than others, and the truth is that you might have to smell them or try vaping with them to see if they’re good or not.

But if you’ve had an e-juice sitting in storage for more than a couple years, the e-juice has probably gone bad. So rather than risking a bad vaping experience, you should keep it out of your tank and replace it with something fresher.

5. The e-juice you are currently using is affecting your tank.

There are certain types of e-juice—they are appropriately called “tank crackers”—that will ruin plastic tanks over time. Citrusy flavors in particular seem to cause tanks to crack when they are left in them for too long.

If you like using citrusy flavors, you might want to consider using a glass tank. You also might want to consider changing to a new e-juice if you currently have a citrusy e-juice in your tank and didn’t realize it could do harm to it. The last thing you want to do is cause a tank to crack and do harm to other parts of your e-cigarette.

6. The e-juice you are currently using is made by a sketchy manufacturer.

Not all e-juices are created equal. There are many manufacturers who will spend days, weeks, and even months in some cases perfecting the formulas for their e-juices. There are also manufacturers who will try cloning existing flavors or slapping together a half-baked formula just to make a few bucks.

Before you buy a bottle of e-juice, make sure you’re purchasing something that was created by a reputable manufacturer. Aspen Valley Vapes only works with trusted names so that you get access to the very best e-juices on the market.

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