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Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It’s Hot Out?

Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It's Hot Out?

You’ve waited all winter for this moment. After spending months sitting out in the cold all by yourself taking quick drags from your e-cigarette before quickly running back inside, the temperature has finally gone up and allowed you to savor your favorite e-juices out in the sun. It’s all just so perfect. Its all perfect until you […]

What To Do When You Get E-Liquid In Your Mouth

What To Do When You Get E-Liquid In Your Mouth

If you spend enough time vaping, you are eventually going to end up with e-juice in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if you just started vaping today or you’ve been vaping for years. There are going to be times when, for one reason or another, you go to take a drag from your e-cigarette and […]

DIY E-Liquid: What you Need to Know Before Mixing

DIY E-Liquid: What you Need to Know Before Mixing

If you’ve spent much time in the vaping space, you’ve probably heard of DIY e-juice. Although somewhat niche, it is popular among some communities of vapers, especially flavor-chasers and vapers active in the DIY scene. Making your own e-juice may sound simple, but doing it right takes a surprising amount of knowledge and care. It’s […]

San Francisco Voters Side With Tobacco Flavor Ban

On Tuesday June 5th 2018 San Francisco voters upheld the vote to ban all flavored tobacco products. Ranging from candy flavored e-liquid to menthol flavored cigarettes. With this decision, San Francisco is said to now have the most stern policy concerning tobacco flavoring. Dr. Melissa Welch, a spokeswoman at the American Heart Association, stated that […]

Why We Use Glass Bottles For Our E-Juice

Why Aspen Valley Vapes Uses Glass E-Juice Bottles Aspen Valley Vapes is proud to offer the highest quality American made e-juice in a variety of flavors. Whether you go with our icy Polar Vortex or our refreshing Jolly Apple, you are getting a quality blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. All of our e-juice […]