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Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It’s Hot Out?

Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It's Hot Out?

You’ve waited all winter for this moment. After spending months sitting out in the cold all by yourself taking quick drags from your e-cigarette before quickly running back inside, the temperature has finally gone up and allowed you to savor your favorite e-juices out in the sun. It’s all just so perfect. Its all perfect until you […]

Is Your PG Allergy Holding You Back From Vaping?

Is Your PG Allergy Holding You Back From Vaping?

When you vape, it should be a pleasant experience. There are times when you first start vaping when you might cough as you look to find the right vaping technique for you. While there may be some side effects to vaping, in general, you should enjoy vaping once you get the hang of it. What happens when […]

Why it is so Important to Change Your E-Cig’s Batteries

Why it is so Important to Change Your E-Cig's Batteries

We have all heard stories of electronic cigarettes exploding. Many of these situations occur when the user fails to up keep their batteries.  While electronic cigarettes very rarely experience catastrophic failure to the point of explosion, when they do, the media loves to get a hold of these stories and blow them out of proportion. […]

E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Functions: How They Correlate

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as potentially reduced tobacco exposure products and a safer product compared to conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is designed to look and to function like a conventional cigarette. However, debates have sparked over the scientific evidence that claims electronic cigarette products have no health related issues. Conversely, analyses from the United […]