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The New York Times Looks Out for Small Business Owners With Vape Shops

You might not necessarily expect to read many vaping stories when you crack open a copy of The New York Times. But the NYT has actually covered vaping on a number of occasions over the course of the last year or so. At the end of 2016, the NYT put together a story that featured […]

Iowa Attorney General to FDA: Proportionate & Responsible Reaction

Iowa Attorney General to FDA: Proportionate & Responsible Reaction

On Wednesday, November 14th the Iowa Attorney General, Thomas J. Miller, sent a letter to the FDA and it’s commissioner Scott Gottlieb. In this letter Thomas J. Miller outlined the importance of the FDA coming out with appropriate and proportional regulations towards electronic cigarettes. The Attorney General does a great job throughout the letter to […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Files Lawsuit Against E-Cig

On Monday, November 12th Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it known that his office will look to file a lawsuit against a number of Chicago based electronic cigarette companies. This announcement comes about a week after L.A City Attorney, Mike Feuer, filed his own lawsuit against numerous Southern California based electronic cigarette companies. The 8 […]

L.A City Attorney Puts Foot Down with New Warnings

Los Angeles

City Attorneys are tasked with representing their city or municipality from different dangers. On Halloween 2018, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer spent his day sending a total of three injunctions to California based electronic cigarette manufacturers. The City’s Attorney office deems these companies to have marketed their products to minors. In court reports, the […]

E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Functions: How They Correlate

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as potentially reduced tobacco exposure products and a safer product compared to conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is designed to look and to function like a conventional cigarette. However, debates have sparked over the scientific evidence that claims electronic cigarette products have no health related issues. Conversely, analyses from the United […]