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E-Cig Policies Need to be Level Headed & Goal Orientated

set goals not limits

The debate revolving around potential electronic cigarette policies is controversial at the least. There are hundreds of contrasting articles and opinions from both sides of the debate, at times making it hard to understand what is true and what is not. The biggest talking point surrounding this topic at this time is the opposing views […]

E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Functions: How They Correlate

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as potentially reduced tobacco exposure products and a safer product compared to conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is designed to look and to function like a conventional cigarette. However, debates have sparked over the scientific evidence that claims electronic cigarette products have no health related issues. Conversely, analyses from the United […]

India Asks States To Bans E-Cigs: 120 Million Smokers Left In The Dark

The 2nd largest country by population has asked its states to ban Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). ENDS includes a slue of products like E-Cigarettes, E-Sheesha, E-Hooka, and more. India has an estimated 120 million adult cigarette users. Of the 120 million smokers an annual 1 million will die with tobacco related diseases. The cigarette […]