Taxing E Cigarettes: Are States Like California Making A Mistake?

Are States Like California Making a Mistake by Trying to Put Heavy Taxes on E Cigarettes?

There are several U.S. states out there that aren’t buying into the idea of e cigarettes being a good alternative to regular cigarettes. Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and North Carolina are so against the idea of allowing vape shops to prosper that they have placed heavy taxes on e cigarettes in order to try and deter people from buying them.

taxing e cigarettes

These taxes are seen as a way to get rid of e cigarettes and to prevent people from wanting to use them.

And the taxation method might get a big boost this election season when the state of California votes on whether or not to institute a heavy tax on e cigarettes in its state.

Californians are being asked to vote on Proposition 56 in November, which will ultimately decide whether or not a tax goes into place.

If the tax does go through, California would become just the 5th state to have such a tax, but it would be a big blow for the entire vaping community since California is such a large state.

Other states might decide to follow suit, and before long, vape shops and vapers will be subjected to an unnecessary tax that was created to try and kill off the industry. It could end up having a huge impact on those who enjoy vaping with e juices both inside and outside the state of California.

Fortunately, it sounds like Prop 56 is a long shot at this point. In both 2006 and 2012, Californians voted against raising cigarette taxes, and over the last year, the vaping industry has invested more than $50 million into a campaign against Prop 56.

Hopefully, this will result in Californians voting against the proposed tax. But the fact that taxing e cigarettes heavily is even an option at this point is scary and indicates the ignorance that some states have when it comes to e cigarettes.

These taxes are a bad idea, and states should reconsider the way they are thinking about e cigarettes and the vaping industry before they propose future taxes.

Why Putting a Big Tax on E Cigarettes Is Silly

tax on e cigarettes

At the moment, there is no definitive proof that shows that e cigarettes are better for people than regular cigarettes. More research needs to be done in the future in order to find out the benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to e cigarettes.

However, there are some indications that show that there’s a chance e cigarettes could help people in the battle to quit smoking.

Studies have been done in the past that have shown that, at the very least, scientists need to conduct more experiments on e cigarettes to find out how they could potentially help people quit smoking.

The problem is that, if states like California decide to tax the heck out of the vaping community, it could very well end up killing off an industry that could help a whole bunch of people out there.

If California knew without a shadow of doubt that e cigarettes weren’t good for people, then a tax might be in the best interests of everyone.

But by taxing people more, the state might be putting people into danger by cutting them off from a product that could actually help them.

It seems silly to jump to conclusions right now without having all of the facts, so why not hold off on taxing vape shops and vapers until more information is available?

What States Should Do Instead of Taxing E Cigarettes

no taxing e cigarettes

If states are OK with the idea of killing off vape shops and manufacturers, then they should by all means go ahead and move forward with the idea to tax them heavily.

But if they are interested in doing what’s best for everyone, then they should take a step back and reconsider what they are accomplishing by placing taxes on e cigarettes and other vaping products.

They will likely see that they are going to do more than just get rid of vape shops.

In addition to killing off the vaping community, state governments are also going to interfere with companies that are legitimately trying to create products that will help people to stop smoking.

They are also going to interfere with labs and scientists who are devoting themselves to figuring out the benefits of vaping products.

While it’s still too early to talk about these benefits in depth, e cigarettes could help save a lot of lives at some point, but it’s going to be nearly impossible for additional research to be done on them if states are doing everything they can to get rid of e cigarettes.

Why Voting “No” for Prop 56 and Similar Propositions Is the Best Move

e cigarettes vote no

People who don’t use e cigarettes on a regular basis might look at an initiative like Prop 56 and think that it’s a good idea.

After all, it will help raise money without hurting their bottom line. But chances are, those people know someone who might use e cigarettes or who might benefit from using them at some point in the future.

So rather than simply voting “Yes,” you should consider what could potentially be lost if Prop 56 passes.

California probably won’t be the last state to try and pass a tax that hurts those who use e cigarettes. There are many states that are seeing taxation as a way to hurt the vaping community and to limit how big it grows.

But it’s worth noting that taxing the vaping industry isn’t just going to hurt people who vape. It’s going to hurt all of those people who are working towards learning more about vaping and how it could help save lives.

Vaping could very well play a big role in the lives of millions of Americans in the future, and taxes could really put a dent in that.

It will be interesting to see which way Californians lean when they vote on Prop 56 this November. Either way, it is going to have ramifications for those inside and outside of the vaping community.

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