The First City To Ban Flavored E-Juice

Sonoma, California

While many counties have proposed regulations regarding banning the sale of electronic cigarettes and flavored e-liquid, the first county in the United States has taken action. Council members in Sonoma, California approved a measure that will ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, cheap cigars, and most flavored tobacco in the town.


This measure also states that no new businesses will be allowed to sell tobacco products and the existing 15 businesses (none of which are dedicated vape shops) will have to obtain a tobacco license for $246 per year.


This ban lumps flavored e-juice into the flavored tobacco products category, which is an extremely poor decision. Residents of Sonoma, California will now have to seek out other methods of purchasing electronic cigarettes and e-juice, making the switch to vaping a much more difficult process.


The vote passed with unanimous decision on Monday, May 18, 2015. There will be one more vote, likely this month, before the ban will go into effect on September 1st. Since the initial vote was passed unanimously, it is unlikely that they will change their mind.


Who does this really hurt? The people that are interested in making the switch to vaping. If you’re a smoker in Sonoma, California that wanted to try electronic cigarettes, you would automatically be deterred by the fact that you had to travel out of your city to purchase a beginners setup and vape juice.


With this ban, other counties will take notice and begin planning their own regulations. As vapers, we must come together and take a stand and let our local legislators and government officials know the positives about vaping. Whether you were a pack a day smoker for one year or thirty years, your story deserves to be told! Please check out SFATA (SFATA Facebook page) to stay up-to-date on any deeming regulations.


In the comments section below, let us know your story. Did electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking? How long did you smoke? Were electronic cigarettes the only way that you were able to finally quit smoking?

8 thoughts on “The First City To Ban Flavored E-Juice

  1. Dwayne says:

    I smoked a pack a day at least! And I smoked Newport 100’s! I would have NEVER quit if it weren’t for E cigs and I credit them for saving my life! I smoked for 15+ years! If you’re going to ban anything ban cigarettes!

    • Frostbite says:

      Why would they ban a huge source of income? We’re not here to make sense, we’re here to make money in the good ol’ US of A.

  2. Lisa Hatch says:

    I smoked for over 35 years. I tried many times to quit only to start back a few months later. The longest time was 15 months. I started vaping in February 2013 by April 2013 I had stopped smoking. I still vape but at a lower nic level than when I started. Vaping is the only reason I am a non smoker.

  3. t. says:

    I am 50&smoked since I was 17. I have succesfully found a way to quit. I have been using e liquid w/a tank &battery for almost 2 yrs now. No more real ciggs for me! I don’t really care if there’s nicotine im mine. I just like the hand to mouth, taste, inhalation&exhale I get from this method.

  4. jeremy says:

    Smoked for 15 years lost Half a lung and tried to quit smoking for ten of those long years. Vaping saved my life. I now use regulated mods with pure vg and natural flavorings and rebuilding my coils with organic cotton.

  5. Joan Fratantuono says:

    I think the banning of vaping juice and mod’s which are better than the e-cig is just unfair. My son was a heavy smoker for 40 years and I know it wasn’t good for his health and when he was finally able to quit with the help of vaping the e-juice I thought this was wonderful and now he will live many more years. Vaping the e-juice is not harmful because it does not take smoke into your lungs as cigarettes do. I think the banning has something to do with the Big tobacco companies. Big Bucks involved.

  6. Jay Jay says:

    hey that’s great, we need to keep things that ‘may’ cause harm in check, at least i can still buy my AK47 and tons of ammo without anyone batting so much as a eye lid.

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