Tutorial: Joyetech Cuboid 200 Watt Update

Tutorial: How To Update Your Joyetech Cuboid Mod

Joyetech is one of the best manufacturers in the vaping industry. Why? Because the Joyetech Cuboid was JUST released and there is already a 200 watt update available. The Cuboid was originally released as a 150W device, but the recent free update will bump that up to 200 watts. Thank you, Joyetech.

Joyetech Cuboid Software Update

Step 1. Download The Appropriate Software

You will need to download Joyetech’s update software to apply the update to your Cuboid. You will want to download the software based on your current operating system (Windows or Mac)

Download The Cuboid Update For Windows Download The Cuboid Update For Mac

Step 2: Open The Software

joyetech cuboid 200 watt update
This is Joyetech’s update software. When you open the application, this is what you should see. Update Firmware Version 1.02

When you download the appropriate software for your operating system, it includes a folder with a number of different files. Open the UpdateFirmware.exe file. This is the actual application that is used to apply the most recent update to your Cuboid.

Step 3: Connect Your Cuboid To The Computer

Once your device is connected, the update button should turn blue.

We recommend removing your batteries and atomizer before updating your device. Once you have removed your batteries and atomizer, connect your Cuboid to the computer via the micro USB cable. After your device is connected the computer, your update button will turn from gray to blue.

Step 4: Apply The Cuboid Update

joytech cuboid 200w update
Select the highlighted file Cuboid_V3.10.bin

You will now want to return to the folder that you originally downloaded. Once you have the update folder open, double click on the Cuboid_V3.10.bin update. This is the latest update (as of 1/7/2016) and will update your Cuboid to 200 watts. After selecting the update file, return to the Update Firmware and click “Update”. This process should only take a few seconds.

Step 5: Apply The Update & Disconnect Your Mod

You will receive a popup message notifying you that the “Firmware Update Completed.” Select OK and your mod should now be updated. The updated firmware version will be displayed in the Joyetech Firmware Updater Software. Now you just have to click “Exit” and then disconnect your device. Congrats, you’re now the proud owner of a brand new 200 watt Joyetech Cuboid!


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48 thoughts on “Tutorial: Joyetech Cuboid 200 Watt Update

  1. Johnny says:

    Thank you a ton! I’ve been trying to find something about whether or not I should remove my batteries for upgrading or not. This is my first upgrade on a NON-DNA200 device.

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


      Glad we could help! We always recommend removing the batteries before preforming an update on most devices.

      Vape On 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    The update seems to have done more than just bump up the power. I used to vape +500f at 30w and it would have a fair amount of ramp up time on the .5 ss coil in my Cubis. Now, same coil, I’m down to 250f max at 25w max which is still an awesome vape but even 10f more and it dry’s out the coil instantly.

  3. Chris says:

    I just upgraded my Cuboid to the 200w and it maxes out at 197.6 on a .4ohm coil. I’ve see people post videos and in forums this is a issue. Is this a know issue?

  4. Kenneth Adam Cantos says:

    done updating now I can’t change modes. Tried pressing the power button 3 times and it doesn’t do anything or the 1st row doesn’t flash

  5. Brian Hayes says:

    Near as I can figure, the chip is reading the coil ‘x’ times per second and constantly setting and re-setting the max volts/max temp ratio. Whether temp or volts, it’s not a 100% manual dial. Looking for more info. on the chips as manufacturers go from safety provisions toward adding performance features.

  6. raniel says:

    sir do you know how to change “power” into my name..? because i see it on my friends cuboid 150W. he rename the “power” by its name..! thank you

  7. Highdosage says:

    hi i have successfully upgraded my cuboid. aside from screen prompt from mac/windows, how to verify it from the device itself that new FW have successfully installed? thank you

  8. Ron says:

    Something fishy is going on with my setup, because my Cuboid doesn’t even show up on my Macbook either with or without the atomizer and batteries installed, or whether the Cuboid is switched on or off. The update button stayed blue, and I had no option to install the firmware anywhere other than on the laptop’s HD which obviously isn’t what I want.

    • seanc says:

      I left a comment here a couple of days ago, regarding Mac update, but it has never posted, I hope this one does.

      The Mac firmware update is borked, and DOES NOT WORK!

      I’ve got 5 emails in with Joyetech support, they are clueless. Keep asking me to try things that I’ve already reported as having tried.

      Their final response was to contact the dealer. Well, the dealer doesn’t write the software, Joyetech does! Dealer says to contact Joyetech! Typical run-around.

      If this posts, my website below has a video showing the failure symptoms

      • Aspen Valley Vapes says:

        Hey guys,

        We’re currently digging around to see if we can find any other people that have had this issue and their remedy.

        • seanc says:

          Solution found:

          The update is SUPPOSED to work in 10.6 Snow Leopard (which I use), but it DOESN’T.

          I took my Cuboid & firmware updater to a friend who has a Mac with 10.9 Mavericks. The update worked on that version.

          10.6 Snow Leopard – does NOT work
          10.7 Lion – unknown
          10.8 Mountain Lion – unknown
          10.9 Mavericks – WORKS!

          This is a case of Joyetech failing to adequately document and competently write the update code. Their programmers need some help WRT Mac firmware updates.

          1) The distribution code is unnecessarily over complicated:

          It is distributed as an “installer” package. Running the installer package assembles an application bundle, and puts it in the “Applications” folder. But there is NO dialog or progress message telling you what it’s doing or where it’s putting it! When done, you’re left wondering WTF? You have to go LOOK for it, and you DON’T EVEN KNOW what it’s called or where it’s located!

          This is stupid. The application is stand-alone, self-contained with all the needed resources: it could be distributed as-is (no need for an “installer” package), so when un-zipped it would immediately present itself ready for instant use.

          2) The user interface is poorly conceived and confusing:

          Clicking the “Update” button opens a new window showing the ENTIRE contents of the application bundle, but no “binary” update files, and NO message about where they are located. You have to open the “Resources > Hex” folder to finally see & choose a binary.

          This too is stupid. The code can easily be written to take you directly to the “Hex” folder.

          Furthermore, it could be easily written to segregate “Cuboid” from “VTC mini” updates.


          0) Download the Mac updater: “UpgradeFirmware.pkg.zip”

          1) Double-click “UpgradeFirmware.pkg.zip” -> creates -> “UpdateFirmware.pkg”

          2) Double-click “UpdateFirmware.pkg” -> installs -> “UpdateFirmware.app”

          3) go to your “Applications” folder, find “UpdateFirmware.app”


          5) Double-click “UpdateFirmware.app” -> launches updater

          6) Click “Update” button -> opens a new window

          7) Select the “Resources” folder -> reveals its contents

          8) Select the “Hex” folder -> reveals the binary files

          9) Double-click your desired binary (or select it and click “Open”)

          • Aspen Valley Vapes says:


            Wow! You’re definitely the real MVP, thank you SO much for figuring that out and relaying that information over here.

            We were puzzled by this error and could not replicate it on multiple computers and as you know Joyetech isn’t the most helpful when it comes to technical inquires, such as this one.

            Again, thank you SO much for your time and finding a remedy. Vape On 🙂

  9. Jade says:

    When I am on the temp control I see 200 W below, but when I am in POWER, it only goes up to 150W, is that normal? Also, I saw someone commented wondering how to rename the POWER label, but I didn’t see a solution.

  10. arvin says:

    hey guys i need help because i cant update my cuboid to 200w because it doesnt seems to detect my cuboid in the update firmware i cant click the update button even though i connect my cuboid already. my cuboid is even charging already but still i cant click the update button pleasee help me guys 🙁

  11. Laura says:

    Thank you! Very easy to understand and follow the instructions. My Cuboid is now successfully updated to 200w in a matter of seconds 🙂 I was expecting it to be really difficult to update but I was wrong.

  12. johannes says:

    Downloaded upgrade but my PC can’t detect my cuboid.. do i need some sort of drivers so my PC can detect my cuboid ?

  13. Eduardo Valle says:

    the joytech upgrade firmware it’s easy to understand, and i went through the update very easily but now i’ve updated my cuboid 150, from the version 3.00 to 3.13 and it still doesn’t have the smart mode on the options menu.

  14. Ajunk says:

    I have a problem, wen i press the upgrade button and then open a poopup say failed upgrade and now my cuboid cant ON, i press many fire button but no result..
    Any sugest for my problem????

  15. V8W2E6 says:

    I upgraded but to version 5 something which makes a completely different menu view (circles now with the smaller ones being white with ‘black’ text which are very difficult to read).

    I’d like to know if I can downgrade or change the layout view, please?

    • V8W2E6 says:

      UPDATE: I know some say one should not downgrade and should always update to the newest firmware but it’s a lot like new operating systems – some are simply less pleasant to look at and increasingly frustrating to use. As such, in many ways I’d like to go back to Mac OS X 9 and I have gone back to 3.11

      Moderator: you don’t need to publish either of my posts at this point. Thank you.

  16. Sai Sourya Kasivajjula says:

    My cuboid just stopped working after the upgrade. I am using Win to update my cuboid. Stupid thing. Any suggestions

  17. Hans says:

    Hardware not detected. Same thing here. Also my battery status icons are contantly pumbing, even with full charge batteries.
    It’s a shame. Obliviously Joytech has a quality problem.

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