Are U.S. Senators Perpetuating Myths About E-Cigarettes?

There are so many myths surrounding e-juices, e-cigarettes, and vaping as a whole at the moment. Critics of the vaping culture use these myths to try and downplay the potential benefits associated with using e-cigarettes, and they have unfortunately turned these myths into realities for many Americans.

The good thing is that the vaping community has done its part to fight back against the myths that have plagued us for several years now. Here at Aspen Valley Vapes, we have debunked many of the myths and done our best to give people the facts, regardless of whether or not they portray vaping in a positive or negative light. We just want people to have the truth before they decide whether or not vaping is right for them.

According to Forbes and other reports, there is a group of 11 U.S. senators that has chosen not to take this same approach. They are against vaping and want the new U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb to side with them when it comes to vaping. So recently, they wrote a letter to him in the hopes of swaying his opinion on e-juices, e-cigarettes, and vaping.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the letter are going to do much to help their cause. Dr. Gottlieb is believed to be a fair commissioner who will hear the vaping industry out and do what is best for everyone. But—and this is a big but in this situation—the fact that the senators are using the letter to perpetuate some of the myths that have surrounded vaping for the last few years now is troubling.

If nothing else, the letter shows that there are still so many people out there who don’t understand what vaping is, how it works, and why fighting against it could be a bad idea. Continue reading to find out why the letter written by the senators is so harmful.

What the U.S. Senators Said in Their Letter

In the letter that was written to Dr. Gottlieb, the 11 U.S. senators spoke about the challenges that the new FDA commissioner will no doubt face in the coming months with regards to vaping. The FDA has obviously come down hard on the vaping industry with its new deeming regulations, and Dr. Gottlieb will be in charge of seeing the process associated with the deeming regulations through to the end.

There is some thought that he might play a part in scaling back or eliminating the regulations altogether, if he doesn’t agree with them. There is also some thought that he might, at the very least, push the start date for the regulations back.

The senators who wrote the letter to Dr. Gottlieb don’t want to see any more delays associated with the regulations. They have asked Dr. Gottlieb to “stand up to special interests” groups fighting on behalf of the vaping industry and keep the plan to enforce strict regulations in place, regardless of how damaging it ends up being to vapers everywhere.

What the Senators Were Trying to Accomplish

In their letter, the U.S. senators make it clear they want Dr. Gottlieb to take all of the policies related to vaping very seriously. They are concerned about tobacco-related diseases that have wreaked havoc on the country, and they want Dr. Gottlieb to be just as concerned as they are. In their letter, they call for him to make it a priority.

“We encourage you to prioritize efforts to prevent tobacco-related disease and keep tobacco products out of the hands of children,” they wrote.

It’s clear that these U.S. senators are intent on trying to get Dr. Gottlieb’s attention with regards to the vaping regulations. Their goal is to get him to take a stand against vaping, just like they’re taking a stand against it.

Why the Letter Might Hurt the Vaping Industry

The biggest problem with the letter that the U.S. senators wrote to Dr. Gottlieb is that they seem to lump vaping and smoking into the same category, which is a mistake that many people out there make. They have placed vaping and smoking into the same pot and mixed them together, and they have wrongly assumed that tobacco use and e-cigarette use cause the same problems.

This is an issue because, once again, it shows that there are some very important people in this country that can’t differentiate smoking from vaping, and thus lump them together. To their credit, the senators did acknowledge that there might be a safer way to deliver nicotine to smokers other than through the use of tobacco products—but in the same breath, they also came down hard on the vaping industry that could actually be the solution to the problem they have brought up!

There are people all over the country who will hear about the letter written by these senators and use it in their arguments against vaping. And can you blame them? These senators are supposed to know what they’re talking about when they are talking about something as important as trying to shut down the vaping industry with the FDA’s regulations. The fact that they don’t seem to have a clue is hard to understand and proof that there needs to be more education related to vaping done in this country.

What We Can Do to Combat the Letter Written by the Senators

What’s done is done, and unfortunately, we can’t take back the words that were written to Dr. Gottlieb by the 11 U.S. senators who got together to write a letter to him. The stories about their thoughts on vaping have already been written and published out there in the world.

But that doesn’t mean we have to just sit back and let senators perpetuate the myths about vaping that we have all worked so hard to shoot down. We should continue to speak out against these myths and let people know what vaping is really all about.

Even though vaping has risen dramatically in terms of popularity in recent years, there is still plenty of work to be done. There are obviously people who are still walking around without a clue when it comes to vaping, and we need to let them know the truth. If the letters written by the senators have taught us anything, it’s that we’re still fighting an uphill battle.

We haven’t lost that battle yet, though. Let’s keep fighting to show the world what vaping and the vaping community is all about. It’ll take a lot more work on our part, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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