Understanding E-Cig Terminology

Have you recently begun vaping? If so congratulations on quitting that nasty habit, but if you are new to the vaping community there are many terms that experience vapors use in reference to things that are helpful to understand. After reading this post you will sound like an experienced vapor with all the new terminology you know.


Atomizer – This is the piece that actually heats your e-juice to the point of vaporization.

Atty – The short abbreviation for an atomizer


Battery – The battery is what the atomizer screws into, and what actually provides the power to the heating element so it can vaporize your e-liquid.

Bridge – A small U-shaped covering, which helps direct e-liquid to be absorbed by the wicks leading it to the heating element.


Cartridge – A plastic tube filled with absorbent filler which holds e-liquid.

Cartomizer or Carto – A combination of a cartridge and an atomizer, which are extremely popular as they have little maintence, are disposable, and very inexpensive.


Drip Tip – An accessory mouth piece that can be used with an atomizer or cartomizer. Why these are so popular is they have a wider opening allowing more air flow, and for people to be able to drip liquid directly onto the atomizer without ever needing to remove the top.

Dripping – This just describes the process of putting the liquid directly onto the atomizer. This term is used commonly for vapors using mechanical mods. Due to the lack of filler this often produces more vapor and flavor production.


E-Juice/E-Liquid – You will often see juice referred to with both terms but they mean the same thing. Both describing the actual liquid that is vaporized in an electronic cigarette.


Flooding – This will happen if too much juice is filled onto the atomizer. Having an excess of liquid eliminates the vital airflow required to vaporize the e-juice, causing the vapor and flavor production to be muted.

FDA – This stands for the food and drug administration, and they are in charge of regulating food and drug products in the U.S.


Leaking – Be careful as this can happen when too much liquid is filled onto the atomizer or cartomizer. E-juice leaks from beneath the heating element leading directly to the battery, this has the potential to damage your battery.

Low Resistance – This will come up when referring to the Ohm rating of coils. An atomizer or cartomizer that has a lower resistance rating than standard devices, a low resistance causes the heating element to warm up quicker, running at low resistance will also drain your battery quicker than standard resistance.


mg – The abbeviation for milligrams, this unit is used when talking about the nicotine content of e-liquid. Aspen Valley Vapes offers e-juice in a variety of milligram contents, 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

Mod – Having dual usage, this can be used to refer to a modification of an electronic cigarette. This can also be used to describe a mechanical mod e-cigarette, these run off rechargeable batteries that require custom coil building and produce a higher volume of flavor and vapor production.


Propylene Glycol (PG) – This is one of the organic food based products that make up most e-juice that are inhaled. Some vapers have allergic reactions to pg, leading them to develop e-juice with strictly vegetable glycerine (vg). A higher ratio of propylene glycol will typically produce less vapor than a higher ratio of vg.


Throat Hit – This describes the feeling you get in the back of your throat after inhaling an electronic cigarette. An e-juice that has lets say 18mg of nicotine, will produce a more extreme throat hit compared to an e-juice that has omg of nicotine.


Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – The other food based product used to make e-juice. This is also inhaled once vaporizing the e-juice. A high ratio of vg will lead to more vapor production than propylene glycol, while reducing the flavor and throat hit.


Wick – A narrow string that helps lead the e-juice to be vaporized by the atomizer more quickly and efficiently.

If you have any further questions in regards to one of the words in the glossary, we would love to help so send all questions or comments to: info@aspenvalleyvapes.com.


Andy Flynn

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