Vape Tongue: What Is It? How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Vape tongue symptoms are very easy to fix.  It’s nothing to worry about, and these 5 tips will most likely help in the cure.  Vapers tongue won’t last too long if you take care of it as soon as you notice that you can no longer taste your favorite flavor anymore.

vapers tongue

Vaping is, for the most part, a very pleasant experience for most people.  Whether you do it because you like the flavor of your favorite e liquid or you do it because your preferred e juice provides you with just the right amount of nicotine every time you use it, vaping has many advantages.

However, there is one hazard that you will have to watch out for if you vape on a regular basis.  It’s called “vaper’s tongue” and it can affect your entire vaping experience.  It can also force you to question whether or not your taste buds are working properly at any given time.

There are few things more frustrating than trying to figure out why your wonderful tank full of Rocky Mountain Paradise doesn’t taste like Rocky Mountain Paradise anymore. You’ve checked your coil, you’ve fully charged your battery, you even swapped your coil for a new one, but that taste just isn’t there. The answer is, you probably have a case of Vape Tongue.


Vape Tongue, What Is This Exactly?

what is vapers tongue

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to vaper’s tongue is that it is not something that you need to visit a doctor to treat.  Instead vaper’s tongue , which is also known as “olfactory fatigue” occurs as a result of you using the same e-juice over and over again.

Vape tongue, in its most common form, is the inability to taste your favorite flavored e-juice. One of the biggest culprits of vape tongue is one that is very easy to fix, switch to a different flavored e-juice. I know sometimes I find myself vaping Rocky Mountain Paradise or Lucky Flynn’s Dragon Sex continuously for days on end without switching to any other flavor (yeah, they’re that good 😀 ).

By the time day five or six rolls around and I am still vaping the same flavor, I will start to notice the flavor goes from a delicious blast of different flavors bursting off of my taste buds to a more muted, plain, flavor.  You might wonder if something has gone bad with the e juice or if you did something to cause it to taste different.

But the truth is that your taste buds have simply gotten so used to the taste of your e juice that they no longer pick up the taste or scent of it anymore.  You have, in effect, made the taste too normal for your tongue, and rather than deliver the same positive messages that it did before to your brain, your stimuli have become “fatigued” and don’t register them anymore.

The cause of the vape tongue is the fact that your taste buds have become so acclimated to one flavor, that they have accepted that flavor and don’t react in the same fashion as the first time you vaped them. What’s the easiest solution to solve vape tongue? Just switch your flavor up every now and again, and you’ll be able to taste your favorite all day vape again in no time at all.

If you spend a significant amount of time vaping without changing the e juice that you use, you are probably going to find out exactly what it’s like to have vaper’s tongue. But the good news is that you can treat it with relative ease and get back to enjoying your favorite flavors.  You can start tasting what you’re vaping again by following these few tips.



Vape Tongue 5 Quick Fixes To Rid Yourself Of It

1. Switch Up Your Flavor Selection                                               e juice vaping flavors

This might not be ideal if you are attached to one particular flavor, but you can actually find a flavor that’s close to the one you enjoy most and use it to taste and smell while vaping again.  For example you can replace an apple flavored e juice with one that’s designed to taste like apple crisp, and in all likelihood , you will find that you will be able to taste the e juice just fine again.  Your vaper’s tongue will be gone, and you will not have worry about the dull taste that comes along with it when you vape.

If you switch to a different flavor, your taste buds are going to be reintroduced to a wonderful new array of flavors, thus you will eventually be able to switch back to your beloved all day vape and have it tasting like it did on your first puff.

There are so many different e juice flavors out there, and if you are only using one on a consistent basis, you are missing out on an opportunity to try a number of other excellent e juice flavors.

There are many tricks of the trade that vapers use in an effort to combat vaper’s tongue.  This one might not work for you, but it’s worth trying these other methods out to see if they help you taste again.

2. Drink Some High Quality H2O

vapers tongue water

Vaping can lead to dehydration, so it is always important to increase your water intake when you’re vaping heavily. Not only will drinking some water help out with avoiding dehydration, it will also help wipe your palette clean.

3. Are You A Coffee Drinker? Smell Some Fresh Coffee Beans!

vapers tongue coffee beans

Another trick is to take a big whiff of a bunch of coffee grounds.  Make sure you don’t get it up your nose…lol.  Just smell it.  Many vapers find that this resets their senses and allows them to taste and smell their e juices again.

Everyone knows that professional food and drink testers will use this method to help with their sense of taste after trying a new dish. Professional wine tasters have used this method for many, many years. So grab yourself a bag of fresh coffee beans and take a good strong whiff, then happily return to vaping!

4. It’s not your breath! It’s your taste buds!

vapers tongue mouth wash

Another trick is to brush your teeth and then use mouthwash.  You shouldn’t vape right after doing this, but within about 30 minutes, you may notice that your vaper’s tongue has subsided.  If nothing else, it’s worth trying to see if you get positive results.  The worst that happens is you will have fresh smelling breath.

5. Have A Lemon Handy? You Might Just Be In Luck!

vapers tongue lemon

This method has varied degrees of success, but it has personally worked for me on multiple occasions. If you happen to have a lemon handy, try cutting a piece and sucking on it for a few seconds. That powerful sensation of taste has also been known to “reset” the taste buds.

No one enjoys vape tongue, so we hope these five quick steps can get you back to vaping and enjoying all those wonderful flavor combinations that make your taste buds explode with joy.

If all else fails, though, it’s probably time to give your body a break by making a switch to a new e juice.  As I mentioned, you can try to find one that is close to your desired flavor, but you may find that vaper’s tongue will still affect you if you choose a flavor that’s too close your original one.  You should consider using a different type of flavor altogether to get rid of your vaper’s tongue once and for all.  if you typically use a light and sweet flavor, why not try an e juice that packs a little bit more punch?  Or if you find yourself turning to bolder flavors all the time, why not try an e juice that is lighter?  You will give your taste buds a jolt and get back to tasting and smelling your e juices again.

Regardless of how you take care of your vaper’s tongue, you shouldn’t have to deal with it for very long.  It’s a necessary evil in the world of vaping, but again, it’s not anything that you need to worry about from a health standpoint.  If anything, you should consider it a sign that it’s time for you to move on wand try something new.

There are so many e juices in the world to enjoy and so much more to vaping, so get out there and find another flavor that works for you.  Ask those vapers around you about vaper’s tongue, too, to see what other tips they can provide you.  You will probably be surprised to see how many other vapers have experienced it and what they have done to overcome it.

Have a remedy of your own? Leave a comment below to let us know and we will update our post!

10 thoughts on “Vape Tongue: What Is It? How Do I Get Rid Of It?

  1. Vanessa says:

    Well, I started vaping just three and a half minths ago. I really enjoy it and I really doubt going back to the stinkies ( like Twisted 420 says ? ). In these almost 4 months I have had vapers fatigue ( vapers tongue ) 5 times, for me its about smell. I have had it everytime I spend a long time in a place where there are people smoking ?. Nothing works, not smelling coffee, not the lemon, not the vinegar, not the water, nothing. It’s all about having some patience and wait until I can taste my juices again. What to do? But one thing I know, no matter how much I deal with vapers fatigue I wont be going back to cigarrettes.

  2. Sunny A. says:

    This works for me: use a tonquescraper and clean your palet and gums to after you brush yout teeth. Dont gurgle with mouthwater but with wodka for a few minutes (dont swallow it!) Then eat an orange or drink a glass warm water with a few spoons lemon juice. If it doesn’t word do this again before you go to sleep overnight your tonque will be fine. And dont forget to clean your nose sniffin a little salt water (a teaspoon in a glass wil do). This works for me, vinegar or eating pickles might help to but I’ve never tried that so.. Have a nice day!

  3. acraftywitch says:

    My local vape shop owner suggested that I add some menthol to my juice. After 1 tank, I no longer needed the menthol, and I was able to taste everything again.

  4. Mike says:

    In addition to those mentioned above, eating chocolate helps with the reset. Or vaping a high nic pod device. Or vaping higher nic menthol, less frequently.

    • Aspen Valley Vapes says:

      Usually, people aren’t smoking for the flavor – vape tongue is mainly related to loss of flavor after vaping on the same flavor for too long. Did that help?

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