The “VapesGiving” Effect: Fundraiser Raises Big Money for State Groups

Before the New Year transitioned to 2018, there was an online fundraising event dedicated to providing financial assistance to advocacy efforts…

The American Vaping Association (AVA) hosted the fundraiser. AVA President Greg Conley certainly played a major role, applying his skills as a lawyer to guarantee everything was conducted by the book.

Naked 100 e-liquid pledged to match every donation dollar-for-dollar up to $190,000, not only were they recognized for their generosity but they were also recognized as the main sponsor of the VapesGiving fundraiser.

Fig Ramsey, owner of GonzoVapors eLiquid, SkyVapeShop and AdvoCotton was the brain behind the fundraising fame.

The Motivating Factors and End Results of VapesGiving

Mr. Ramsey went on to describe just how advantageous it would be for eliquid advocates to begin applying approaches typically reserved for the business world.

“Advocacy groups must begin to approach this like a business. We need lots of money if we wish to defeat unnecessary regulations.”

As a former smoker turned vaper it seems nearly impossible to not have developed a strong passion for this way of life….but why wouldn’t you participate in the one thing that helps save that only your consumers lives put your own?

Taking this into account, Fig Ramsey, said, “VapesGiving is a chance to help support our state advocacy organizations while also sending the clear message to the community just how badly we need manufacturers and distributors to help fund the future of our industry.”

Not to mention, Fig proceeds to clarify, “Advocacy is the one marketing tool for business that so many businesses hardly ever put to use.

There is nothing better for the identity of your business, then allowing your brand to be associated with a well-respected and enthusiastic advocating movement.

It’s all about how consumers perceive your business and their perception is greatly affected by not participating in events that are linked to advocating, in a negative manner.

For a business, obviously, the consumers of your products will be the most likely candidates to help your business generate revenue. Make no mistake, one thing consumers love to see, especially in this industry, is when their favorite brands are participating in some of the same events that they are also a part of.

Aspen Valley Vapes

What is most effective for helping your business thrive, is when consumers witness their most popular brands in their minds taking action by advocating for the lifestyle they continuously credit for saving their life, standing up for the community you’re investing in, is also marketing your business.

You’re investing in the future of the industry, you’re investing in saving lives because you’re investing in vaping.

If you are a business operating in an industry under constant attack from an establishment so powerful, that the very existence of the industry that your business operates in, is literally on the verge of being systematically eradicated — then why would you not want to unify the community by donating to advocacy groups.

Reintroducing Advocacy as a Whole New Marketplace

Just over a quarter million dollars which could also be labeled as approximately almost half a million dollars was raised in the name of advocacy. Businesses from the industry took it upon themselves to donate some very generous amounts.

Without exaggerating, the total raised was ultimately $332,183 in just a week — all facilitated online.

Subsequently, the well-known, widely-used and game-changing SMOK brand and also the brand Demand Vape put up the most amount of funding, giving $10K — Yes, you did read that correctly, 10 grand or ten thousand dollars is the total amount these two businesses each contributed.

Simultaneously, we also saw other popular brands like Vapor Shark, Mod Fuel, Vapetasia, Five Pawns, Unique eCigs and Vapor Beast each donated $5K each. In addition, 8 other well-known big names gave $2,500 followed by 28 other familiar vape-related businesses giving $1K each.

What sets this fundraiser apart from many others is that it proves to be a direct-action focused event that combines cause marketing. This advocacy event was the embodiment of social media once again revealing its broad reach and overall power to make a difference for your cause, whatever it may be.

In addition to raising record-high funding for advocacy organizations and state groups, the VapesGiving fundraiser is now likely responsible for becoming known as the primary catalyst for igniting the introductory stages of establishing a whole new marketplace — operating as an extension of the vape industry.

Proof that Vapers Could Win

When allowing Business Principles to be applied to Advocacy Efforts, the proper funds are gained, state groups are thus equipped to battle state and local legislation and vape shops won’t have to be forced to act as the main sector of the industry handling the burden of coordinating financial strategy.

This new extension has finally shown to the industry and community that there is indeed a solution for what has been considered as something far too controversial to fix.

However, the VapesGiving event has proven to perhaps found a viable exception for solving the lack of unified funding, embracing the involvement of major manufacturers, bigtime distributors, ordinary consumers and active advocates alike.

The VapesGiving Manufacturers Challenge is symbolic of much more than a basic fundraising event, it has intentionally, yet indirectly conveyed a powerful message to the vaping community and vape industry.

The message expressed is that there is a real trajectory of industrial evolution on the rise.

What Ramsey told me was equally reassuring, encouraging and also hilarious. It was a “classic” reply and not often heard by most other people if asked such a question and that’s the whole point. Only a person as “classic” as Mr. Fig Ramsey could pull-off any of these legendary feats.

“I hope people steal my ideas!,” Ramsey states enthusiastically, “please take my ideas, if the idea helps the industry, then please put it to use and raise as much funding for advocacy organizations and state groups then share the funds with as many as you can! Fund The Future!”


Keep an eye out for #FundTheFuture on social media and also, it is recommended that you reach out to Mr. Fig Ramsey whether you are a manufacturer, a state group, perhaps a vape shop or any other area of the vape industry.

If you often find there to be identical circumstances in your area, which is likely the case, then Fig Ramsey will help you — all you have to do is ask him. This is exactly why “VapesGiving” was so successful.

“Fig is extremely approachable” — a line I repeatedly hear from many around the community. Who knows? Maybe you could become another “classic” legend in the community simply from partnering with Fig Ramsey.

Written By: Tony Ottomanelli

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