Vaping Etiquette: 7 Tips To Not Be THAT Guy

Most of the general public is dearly misinformed about electronic cigarettes, so as a community, we need to do what we can to improve our image. While there is evidence that states second hand vapor isn’t dangerous, the physical appearance of dense clouds  automatically receive a negative connotation.  Do you have any suggestions that should be added to our list? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know. Vape on 🙂

1. Vaping Inside

no vaping inside

The number one rule when vaping inside of a public place is asking for permission. Even if you’ve scoured the signs posted outside of the business and fail to find a “No Vaping” sign, it doesn’t give you the green light to start vaping inside. Your best option is to ask an employee if it is okay to vape inside, if not, please wait until you leave the building to enjoy your tasty vape.

2. Vaping Elitists

Maybe you’re out at a bar or sporting event and the venue requires you to vape in the designated smoking section. Many of us are ex-smokers and don’t like having to vape next to the smokers, but this is also your perfect opportunity to educate the misinformed. Instead of vaping in the smoking section with a holier-than-thou attitude, you have the perfect opportunity to inform the smokers about vaping and how electronic cigarettes helped you make the switch from smoking. Many of the smokers I run into are truly unaware of all of the electronic cigarette options and most have only tried cigalikes (with little success). Smokers have the right to smoke, just like we have the right to vape. If they aren’t interested in vaping, than there is no need to look down on them or pressure them into something they aren’t interested in.

3. Cloud Chasing In Public

cloud chasing competition

Let’s say your at a public outdoor event, such as a concert in the park and you’ve been given the go-ahead to vape. Just because you’re allowed to vape at this event doesn’t mean you should whip out your cloud chasing rig and start chucking some clouds at 200 watts. Please be aware of your surroundings and take note if you’re making people uncomfortable. Taking a quick stroll to a less populated area to enjoy your vape is a lot better for the industry than giving everyone that is surrounding you a negative opinion about vaping.

4. Sneaking A Vape In The Bathroom

vooping in public

Over the past few months, there have been a few times when I’ve walked into a public bathroom and felt like I was walking through the halls of a vaping convention. While it may be tempting to sneak into the bathroom and get a quick vape in, it is never a good idea. If you absolutely must vape, it is quite easy to “ghost vape”. A ghost vape is where you inhale, but you never exhale the vapor, you just hold your breath for about 5-10 seconds. I still don’t recommend even doing this, but if you are just at a point where you can’t wait any longer to vape, this is the best solution.

5. Swapping Vapes

Have you ever met someone that vapes and after you strike up a conversation they offer for you to try their amazing new sub ohm tank or e-juice flavor? In this situation, it is common courtesy to remove their 510 drip tip and replace it with yours, this way you won’t be swapping germs with a random person.

6. Wattage War

There are plenty of vapers out there that enjoy vaping with a basic device, such as the Innokin iTaste MVP or EVOD starter kit (myself included), there is no need to look down on vapers that don’t want the hottest new 200 watt device like the Pinoeer4You IPV3 Li. We’re all vapers, we all love vaping, so why would you want to look down on someone for using a certain device?

7. Be The Better Person

Most vapers have probably had someone tell them “You know those things are 100 times worse than cigarettes”, we’ve all been there. In this situation, being armed with information is always helpful. You can explain scientific studies that have been conducted on the use of electronic cigarettes and share the results with the misinformed person. If the conversation takes a downward spiral, it is always best to be the bigger person and just walk away. You know the facts, and in this situation, that is all that matters.


The bottom line is that we are all humans. It is always best to respect others, even if their views are ignorant and fueled by misguided information. If someone politely asks you not to vape near them, please do your best to respect their personal space and vape at a different nearby location.

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