5 Ways to Get More Vapor From Your E-Cigarette

Are you the kind of vaper who likes to stand and look at the large clouds of vapor that you create when you are using your e-cigarette? Whether you’re just starting off with vaping for the first time or you’ve been vaping for years now, there are some people who just enjoy the cloud-chasing that comes along with it.

Unfortunately, it’s just about impossible to get big clouds of vapor when you’re using a tiny, disposable e-cigarette. So you can pretty much forget about doing it. But at the same time, you don’t necessarily need to run out and purchase an overly expensive—and in many cases, overly confusing—mod to be able to get the clouds you’re looking for.

There are many different things that you can actually try to increase the clouds that you create when you are vaping. From doing something as simple as making sure your battery is fully charged at all times to changing the e-juice that you are using, you can get more vapor out of your e-cigarette and start enjoying your vaping experience more moving forward.

If you have been trying to increase the vapor your e-cigarette puts out without much success, we have come up with a list of five simple ways you can do it.

If you’re confused about any of them or not fully confident in your understanding of one of the recommendations, you shouldn’t pursue it for the sake of more vapor. That could prove to be dangerous. But hopefully, some of these tips will help you to get the clouds you’ve been looking for…

1. Make sure your e-juices have high VG levels.

Most e-juices contain either PG, or propylene glycol, or VG, or vegetable glycerin. They both have their own benefits that come along with vaping with them, but if you’re in the market for bigger clouds, then you’re going to want to go with an e-juice that is high in VG.

VG has a thicker consistency to it and is preferred by experienced vapers who are chasing bigger clouds. It’s known for creating more vapor when you vape with it. This is partly because VG captures moisture well, so when you put it out into the air, it makes clouds appear larger than they might be otherwise and it allows them to spread out instantaneously.

When picking out an e-juice, pay close attention to the PG vs. VG levels, and always go with one that has a high VG if clouds are your ultimate goal. By making this one quick change, you should notice a difference right away.

2. Upgrade your vaping device.

As we mentioned earlier, you are simply not going to be able to get big clouds if you are still relying on a small starter e-cigarette. These types of e-cigs are not designed to handle the airflow that is necessary to produce clouds.

Does that mean that you need to buy a mod that will break the bank and potentially put you at risk since you might not know how to use it? Absolutely not. But at the very least, you are going to want to invest in a mid-size e-cigarette that will come with a more powerful battery as well as a refillable tank that will be able to house all of the VG e-liquids you’ll be purchasing.

Just make sure you don’t buy something that is out of your league. As you move up in the world of vaping, you will have to be more and more knowledgeable to operate a vaping device safely, and the last thing you want to do is start tinkering with a battery that could give you problems if you aren’t careful.

3. Lower your resistance.

The atomizer located in most e-cigarettes contains several essential parts. From the heating coil to the connection to the battery, it plays a vital role in how much vapor your e-cig produces. If you aren’t getting big enough clouds, you could change this by investing in an atomizer that allows you to lower the resistance.

When you lower the resistance of your atomizer, it will allow you to heat you your e-cigarette’s coil more quickly. This will, in turn, allow you to produce more vapor on command and create bigger clouds. If you aren’t sure about which atomizer would be best for your specific situation, this is something you should speak with a vape shop about.

The one concern that you should keep in mind with investing in a new atomizer is that your battery has to be properly prepared for it. If you try vaping with a battery that isn’t equipped for your specific setup, you could run into real issues. But in general, dropping the resistance will lead to a better vaping experience if you want to get the kind of clouds you’re chasing.

4. Adjust your voltage/wattage.

While your e-cigarette’s atomizer will help determine the resistance associated with vaping, there’s more you can do to take advantage of that resistance. Most e-cigarettes will allow you to change the voltage/wattage that you are using, which will in turn affect how much vapor you are getting when you vape and what your e-juices taste like. It will also impact your battery life.

This can be a tricky subject to master, so if you are interested in finding the ideal voltage/wattage, we would recommend going here and checking out the chart we included. If you use the wrong voltage/wattage with your specific atomizer, you could burn it out quickly. So make sure you know exactly what it should be before you get started.

5. Change your tip.

This is sort of an obvious tip (no pun intended!) for most experienced vapers, but when you are trying to increase your clouds, you should find as many ways as possible to increase the airflow throughout your device.

You are likely already doing it by lowering your resistance and adjusting your voltage/wattage, so why not continue the trend by purchasing a new tip for your e-cigarette? It will increase airflow even more and allow you to get the clouds you are gunning for by following all of these steps.

These are just a few of the ways to increase your chances for creating bigger clouds. As we have said several times, you should seek help if you are confused at all about any of them, since you could have a problem on your hands if you lower your resistance or adjust your voltage/wattage incorrectly.

But as long as you know what you’re doing, feel free to experiment and chase those clouds! It’s all part of the fun of vaping.

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    I might be wrong but In all reality you were talking about sub ohm vaping so why would you have a chart that doesn’t include sub ohm Vaping and you don’t state what a lower resistance is considered then again it also comes down to your draw .14 ss dual coil my lungs can’t handle the draw my homie can huge cloud same device different people

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