“Wet Lung” Story Dismissed by Leading Doctor

Doctor Denounces Wet Lung Vaping Story

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has discharged media accusations after a story of an 18 year old woman developed a rare condition following 3 weeks use of an E-Cigarette.

Dr. Farsalinos Denounces Wet Lung HeadlinesStating that this is a “new low for e-cigarette opponents” Dr. Farsalinos went on to explain the woman had a medical history involving mild asthma, and then had an allergic reaction.

This unfortunate combination triggered a reaction resulting in pneumonia.

Media donned the story as a “Wet Lung” a term Dr. Farsalinos says is rarely used in the medical world.

A term he says was used to sensationalize the story.

The 18 year old woman was said to have been using electronic cigarettes in the weeks leading up to her pneumonia in an effort to give up smoking.

Once at the hospital the 18 year old was diagnosed with havinghypersensitivity pneumonitis” a condition triggered by many allergens, including dust.

Dr. Casey Somerfield, the patients doctor, stated in his report that “there are a few case reports involving adults that developed respiratory distress following electronic cigarette use.”

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos closed with this final thought. “This is the first time that I see a case report being featured in the media.

This is a new low for e-cigarette opponents. The “wet lung” is… total nonsense. The case was about an allergic reaction causing pneumonia.”


One thought on ““Wet Lung” Story Dismissed by Leading Doctor

  1. Jamie Scott says:

    Na the media wouldn’t do or say anything that might be wrong- would they? Haha haha sorry guys to funny hell yes they had no story and made one up cause their corporate masters told them to sense if i remember correctly last year big tobacco posted biggest loss in i don’t know how many years so the government has their black flag shit(as we see at every “school shooting”) so guess the media just made their own up to make camping look evil like “they” have been doing sense “they” started taking camping as a real threat to “their” money flow!! And we will just keep seeing this shit along with trying to take our damn flavors from us if this shit passes i better not see 1 damn bottle of vodka with child friendly flavors no more sense i think a bottle is a lot easier to get to sense my vape is always on me and my ones not using have no juice in them and alot harder to operate than opening a bottle freaking hypocrites!!!!!

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