What’s the average cost of an electronic cigarette starter package?

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits Average Cost

There are many different electronic cigarette starter kits on the market today…. They price all the way from $20 up to $150. When it comes to e-cigs an average starter kit will usually be around $25-$30.

When purchasing the packages that are on the lower end of the scale you will receive a battery (electronic cigarette), clearomizer, and USB charger (some stores do not include a wall charger with the USB cord). When you reach up to the higher starter packages you will normally receive the electronic cigarette, a rechargeable battery to put into your E-cig, a clearomizer, a USB charger (if it can use a charger and doesn’t use an external battery), and a battery charger. When you reach up to the higher packages they don’t always just use a USB charger that plugs into the electronic cigarette battery. There are times when the e-cigarette will have an external battery, such as a 18650, that is rechargeable and is charged on an external battery charger.

If you are newer to vaping then a recommended average starter kit for you would be: $20-$30

If you are more on the intermediate to expert side and want a more advanced but not too crazy e-cig, then you are looking around $60-70

If you are an expert vaper and want to go all out and get the best kit you can get, then you will be looking around $130-$150.


Mechanical Mod Starter Kits Average Cost

Mechanical mods are usually going to be for more of the intermediate to expert level vapist out there! There are many different ways to customize your mech mod, but all the possible ways still come out to a pretty good average cost. Mech Mod clone starter kit packages can vary from $75-$200. Authentic Mech Mod starter packages will vary from $200 to even mods that are over $1000!

When purchasing a mechanical mod starter kit you will usually receive the following:

– Mechanical Mod


– External Battery (such as 18650 rechargeable battery)

– External Battery Charger

– Kanthal Wire

– Wick (100% Organic Cotton)

– Ohm Reader

A decent clone mechanical mod kit will usually be around $75-90. Most clones will actually work just as good as the authentic version.

A decent authentic mechanical mod kit will usually be around $200-$220. Authentic will normally be a large difference in price than clones, but with Authentic you can usually expect good equipment.

Then you have those crazy expert vapers that don’t care about the cost…. When you get to those crazy mechanical mods you can look at starter kits that are more than $1,000! With this amount of money spent you can definitely expect excellent equipment, and some CRAZY vapor!

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