What’s the Difference Between Regulated and Unregulated Mods?

Mechanical ModsThere are many mods available in todays market. These mods range from mechanical mods to box mods, and from regulated to unregulated. One of the biggest questions when it comes to the mod life is, what’s the difference between regulated and unregulated mods?

Regulated Mods

Regulated mods are mods that offer protection from damaging your mod, these mods focus on battery safety. These mods are usually box mods such as the cloupor dna30, IPV2, and IPV3. There are other mods out there that aren’t box mods, but are regulated such as the cloupor T5 or the Legend V2. These mods will regulate how low sub-ohms you can safely vape.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Most of these types of mods will allow you to still use sub-ohm coils (coils that are built under 1.0 ohms). They just watch for the safety of the mod and the user. If your coil build is too low then the regulated mod will usually show an error and will not allow you to vape. When you press the fire button it will not fire and the error will come up on your screen.

Battery Safety

If your battery is too low these mods will usually not allow you to continue vaping, the mod will not fire at all even with the fire button held down. In this case you will need to either change your battery out with a new charged battery, or use the charging cable to charge the battery in the regulated mod.

Regulated Vaping

The last reason for a regulated mod is to have a regulated hit every time you vape. This means if you have a regulated mod set to 25 watts, every time you hit the fire button 25 watts will be discharged.

Unregulated Mods

Unregulated mods are mods that don’t regulate each hit taken. Unregulated mods vary from mods such as the Maraxus, Panzer, or Stingray Mod. These mods are known as Mechanical Mods. These mods are usually not the safest to use, but these are for vapers that know the correct safety measures to take when modding.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

With these mods you are able to sub-ohm vape at any level you please, but remember to take safety precautions when modding sub-ohms.

Battery Safety

With unregulated mods you can vape until the battery is fully depleted, THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEVER RECOMMEND DOING! Allowing the battery to fully deplete will overwork the battery which can result in battery acid leaking, which can result in the battery blowing up. We recommend to keep the battery above 3.5 volts, which you can measure with a multimeter that you can buy at your local Walmart!

Unregulated Vaping

Unregulated mods will not ALWAYS be the same hit every time. If a battery is low the coils will not heat up as fast, meaning you will not receive as large as a hit as if you had a fully charged battery.

Which is better? A Regulated Mod or an Unregulated Mod?

We here at Aspen Valley Vapes don’t feel one is better than the other! It really comes down to how you vape and what you prefer! Obviously the safer route would be to go with the regulated mods, but you won’t have the option to vape every coil you build. With regulated mods you still will be able to blow CLOUDS! If you know modding safety and want to go with some crazy coil builds then the unregulated life is probably for you! As we have mentioned multiple times, if the unregulated mods the way you want to go, then make sure to take every safety precaution. Also make sure to get a multimeter and a ohm reader to make sure you are vaping safely on your battery, and know what type of ohms you are vaping!

As always vape hard and vape safe!

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