Why Does My Plastic Tank Keep Cracking?

Do you use a plastic tank inside of your e-cigarette when you vape? If so, you may have noticed that plastic tanks are more susceptible to cracking than glass tanks. And you may have wondered why that is, since there are so many other plastic items that you use on a daily basis that don’t crack.

plastic tank cracking

Unfortunately, those who rely on plastic tanks know that they have been known to crack from time to time, and it doesn’t really take a whole lot for them to do it. One minute you are vaping like usual, and the next, you are trying to figure out why e-juice is spilling out all over the place and ruining your vaping experience.

The good news is that you can prevent this problem from haunting you by opting for a glass tank. Glass tanks aren’t that much more expensive than plastic tanks, and when you use them, you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking unless you happen to drop or mishandle them.

But there are some people who simply prefer using plastic tanks or don’t want to shell out the extra money for glass tanks. They need to familiarize themselves with why plastic tanks crack so that they can stop it from happening, because there are few things worse than realizing that you have a cracked tank in your e-cigarette.

If you are one of the many vapers who uses a plastic tank, take a look at why some plastic tanks crack below and then take the proper steps to prevent it from happening to you…


Reason #1: You aren’t being careful enough with your e-cigarette.

You don’t necessarily need to put on white gloves when you use your e-cigarette and treat it like the most fragile piece of equipment ever, but you do need to be careful when you’re using it and avoid dropping it or banging it into things.

There are some vapers who are, unfortunately, not careful at all when it comes to their e-cigarettes. They throw them onto their couches and beds, they accidentally sit on them when they’re in their pockets, and they get a little bit too rough with them when they use them.

Regardless of whether you have a plastic or glass tank, you are probably going to run into problems with your tank if you aren’t careful with your e-cigarette. Your e-cig contains a lot of potentially fragile parts, including the tank, so treat it with care and make sure you pick it up and put it down carefully when you are using it to avoid cracking any parts.

Reason #2: You are using the wrong e-juices with your e-cigarette.

Did you know that certain e-juices can cause a tank to crack? There are a lot of vapers who are completely unaware of this and run through a half-dozen plastic tanks before they finally realize that that is the problem they’re encountering.

There is a long list of e-juices known as “tank crackers” that can cause huge problems for vapers if they use them regularly. Citrus e-juices that taste like orange, lemon, and lime can often cause cracking to occur. So before you start vaping with a specific e-juice, you should do your research and see whether or not it could cause you trouble with your tank.

If you like a certain e-juice and it has been shown to cause problems with plastic tanks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stop using it right away. But it does mean that you should keep an eye on your plastic tank and upgrade it to a glass tank soon. Otherwise, you will likely run into issues with your tank.

Reason #3: You are exposing your e-cigarette to huge temperature changes.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never leave an e-cigarette in your car or anywhere where it will be exposed to high temperatures throughout the course of a day. There are many vapers who will leave an e-cigarette in a vehicle while they’re at work or out running errands, and often times, they will come back to find that their tank has cracked or warped.

If you subject your tank to wild temperature swings, there’s a decent chance that you will end up inadvertently doing damage to it. You may also do damage to other parts of your e-cigarette if you leave it in a hot car or warm part of your house. So always be mindful about where you leave your e-cigarette so that you don’t ruin your tank.

So, Is It Time to Start Using a Glass Tank?

The truth is that you may break all of the rules we just listed above and never come across a single crack in your tank. Every tank is different, and some tanks may hold up better than others when they are subjected to some of the things we just mentioned. It really all depends, and hopefully, you won’t ever have to worry about your plastic tank cracking.

If you do sustain several cracked plastic tanks, though, it might be time for you to seriously consider running with a glass tank moving forward. As we mentioned, glass tanks aren’t terribly expensive when compared to plastic tanks, and although they come with a bunch of challenges of their own—you will need to be extra careful about not throwing your e-cigarette around when you use a glass tank—you will usually get a lot more life out of a glass tank.

Part of picking a tank involves personal preference. Some vapers like plastic, while others like glass. But part of it is also thinking about how you plan to use your e-cigarette and then going with the tank that works best for you.

No one likes cracked tanks, and they can cause damage both to your e-cigarette and to anything that is around when a crack occurs, so do your part to prevent them. You will be glad you took the time to avoid cracks at all costs.


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