You Won’t Believe What Phillip Morris Is Submitting To The FDA

As most of us already know, for a new electronic cigarette or vaping product to be released after August 8th of this year, they must go through the rigorous PMTA process. Phillip Morris has been developing a brand new device that they have happily shown their investors, and this device is the IQOS. The IQOS is a vaporizer that vaporizes actual tobacco leaves, not e-liquid/e-juice. The IQOS works by placing a cigarette looking tube, filled with tobacco (likely soaked in propylene glycol), into the IQOS. 

phillip morris tobacco vape


The IQOS will then vaporizer the tobacco leaves at about 350 degrees, which is about 450 degrees less than what a cigarette is typically burned at.

Cigarettes are burned at 800 degrees, which results in the combustion of the tobacco, rather than vaporizing it. By heating the tobacco at 350 degrees, Phillip Morris claims that this device will deliver a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor without the tar and nicotine produced by traditional cigarettes.

While it has not been confirmed, early speculations claim that the tobacco leaves are soaked in propylene glycol to help aid with the vapor production. 

According to PMI statements, the IQOS has been in development for 10 years and around $2 billion dollars have been invested into this project. This starter kit starts at around $90 and the “heat sticks” filled with tobacco retail for $6 and come in packs of 20.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Packs of 20 priced around $6? That seems to be pretty comparable to the price of a pack of cigarettes, depending on your local tobacco sales tax. 

What does all of this have to do with traditional e-cigarettes?

Dr. Moira Gilchrist, Director of Scientific Engagement at Phillip Morris International announced that they are going through with the PMTA process with this device. Dr. Gilchrist noted that Phillip Morris will be submitting this product to the FDA later this year and they will be requesting a modified risk claim. Phillip Morris is poised to market this product as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. 

If the FDA were to approve this product, we can only imagine the extreme backlash. Not only is this product still using actual tobacco, it is also using one of the main ingredients in e-juice, propylene glycol.

What do you think about this new product that Phillip Morris is attempting to release as a safer alternative? Are you interested in this product?

35 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Phillip Morris Is Submitting To The FDA

  1. David McNellis says:

    I do not plan on giving up vaping and no longer even like tobacco flavors much less use tobacco itself. However if our goal is really to get people off combustables and this proves to be safer then why not? Different things work for different people.

  2. Roman says:

    If they would be successfull, then all the other vaping devices producers should be able to use this device for substantial equivalent. Or at least i want to believe that…

  3. kelly says:

    I think the tobacco companies are just trying to keep the money flowing any way they can especially since vaping has cut into their sells of cigarettes cigarettes are a thing of the past for me even if vaping is extinguished no pun intended I will never go back to smoking cigarettes thank you to the vape industry but I still enjoy vaping one reason I like different gadgets and vaping has a big choice of gadgets

  4. Jmmoreno1208 says:

    Screw the fda and Philip Morris they could care less if we all does as long as they get paid they could give a crap about us.

  5. Kenneth Thompson says:

    No way I will give big tobacco another penny of my money. I love vaping and the variety of flavors and not one is tobacco.

  6. Cary says:

    If there is actual honest science behind this, imo it is probable similar to vaping an ejuice flavored with an NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) tobacco flavoring.
    I would personally rather it be backed by an ecig tech company but this won’t even be close to the first thing that didn’t go how I’d want in the recent past. It’s not something I’d ever try or recommend, but for personal and not practical reasons. It actually looks like a decent idea when compared to conventional cigarettes.

  7. Jerry hughes says:

    Vaping is so very different than this new thing. For one flavors there are so many different ones to try. They we get to the best part nic levels I started at about a16 mg juice now I’m at a 0 nic level how will there system work on these two aspects I just don’t see a tobacco system working. But let them try, I just see it as an inferior attempt to stay in the game.

  8. Bill Miller says:

    OK, no tar or nicotine, how about the 3998 other toxins, chemicals, and carcenogens? I smoked for 56 years and had my last analog in March of this year. After 4 months I noticed my feet, calves, knees and hands were blowing up like someone stuck an airhose up my butt and just kept pumping. Also, my ankle, knee, hip, lower back, and wrist joints were aching like hell. I could hardly walk for 3 weeks because of the pain. Doctors gave me water pills for edema but they did not work. Finally after many days of thinking about what I had changed that could make this be happening, I went to the internet and BINGO! I stopped smoking “cold turkey” and I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Many other people on many websites were telling about the same thing. I decided to smoke 4 cigarettes a day and in less than a week. the symptoms were gone. Will Philip Morris tell anyone about this happening with either their killer sticks or their new instrument of death? I doubt it! Their new device will never be as good or nearly as good as vaping. Just a stupid attempt to try and claim they found a better way. THEY CAN SHOVE IT!

  9. Dustie says:

    I don’t want to ever touch a cigarette again!! And I don’t miss the ashtray in my mouth or the smell in my clothes. It took me forever to get the smell out of my house.

  10. Don Burton says:

    I don’t vape tobacco flavors, nor tobacco products. I vape e-juice, fruit and dessert flavored. I have no interest in supporting the tobacco companies that sold me death for 40+ years. I quit smoking November 2015 by using vaping, and I’m not looking back. I don’t see this device they are trying to get approved as a vaping device, nor do I feel it’s a safer alternative to smoking; Vaping is 95% safer than smoking! Vape ON!

  11. Martin Mignogna says:

    They are trying to stop vapeing products so they can push their own death device into people’s mouth, bullshit. Never once did I see an advertisement on T.V. or anywhere for e juice or related products, and now this!! They are trying to monopolize the vapeing industry with tobacco. Just say no!!

    • Martin Mignogna says:

      They are trying to stop vapeing products so they can push their own death device into people’s mouth, bullshit. Never once did I see an advertisement on T.V. or anywhere for e juice or related products, and now this!! They are trying to monopolize the vapeing industry with tobacco. Just say no!!

  12. Tommy says:

    Wow just wow its still cigarettes we vape e juice an it evaporates hence vaping how is this vaping an it is most likely got even more chemicals in it then regular cigarettes um no never going back to them they need to just get with the times an switch over to the good side

  13. Niko says:

    Unfortunately people might be attracted by this product. Of course as a vaper I feel offended.
    I saw an article some months ago which was explaining that another “big tobacco” company (which manufactures their own e-cigarettes) had a bad opinion about this future product … Not specifically because of additives and these thousands bad chemicals but because this is not a “real clean vaporization”, it still does combustion (results they could get in their tests).

  14. Anthony Hedrick says:

    A can of skoal a day for 17 years….walked in to vape shop to check it out…off tobacco after 1 week. Over a year now and my intention was not to even quit but to research so I could help my wife quit smoking and she hasn’t touched cigs in a year as well.ill just keep making my juices and juice for friends and family all the while building safe mods and enjoying my tobacco free life.

  15. Jason says:

    Not surprising that this would happen. No tar blah blah blah… Still loads of chemicals are being vaporized and inhaled. This will be chemically ‘enhanced’ just as traditional cigarettes are and will be equally or more addictive. At least I know what’s in my ejuice… This crap is chemically treated tobacco soaked in who the hell knows what. Atomized drops of who knows what… This sounds scarier than traditional cigarettes.

  16. James Brown says:

    This is exactly what I feared was going to happen when the FDA got into the vaping industry. If this doesn’t post a big red flag to everyone I don’t know what will. The FDA puts a strangle hold on vaping and tells us that we as small businesses have to some how magically come up with billions of dollars to get stuff on the market, then as quietly as possible big tobacco starts dropping these BS items onto the market which will either force us vapers to use these items, go back to smoking or go underground and produce our stuff ourselves and create a black market. I don’t care what anyone says about the connection but I personally believe the FDA and big tobacco are in bed together. Call me a conspiracy nut if you will, but I see the connection plain as day. I smoked for over 30 years and have quit using vaping for over 2 years and will NEVER go back to combustible tobacco, KMA big tobacco!!!

  17. Steve D says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and see what else you can shove it there besides tobacco, dried plant material uh? Anybody got any ideas? The kids are gonna love these so they’d better hurry them on the market before the Chinese steal the idea.

  18. Mike says:

    If they can get a “modified risk” claim past the FDA with this, it may actually help the vaping industry. It will set a precedent for a “substantial equivalence” exemption for the rest of us. It may actually be a good thing.

  19. Shawn says:

    This is in no way going to be safer than smoking cigarettes. Ever wonder why chewing tobacco gives ppl oral cancer? Nitrosamines in tobacco are responsible. When we vape through a traditional vape device all that’s being borrowed from the tobacco plant is the nicotine which is a stimulant, but does NOT cause cancer. If this shit passes, I don’t want to live in this country any more.

  20. Gmutt says:

    Well the tobacco snake has reared its ugly ,two-faced head. I wonder what the pharmaceutical companies will come up with, or will they continue to push the same old ineffective crap. Maybe they’ll repackage and rename , but we know it’ll be the same crap.

  21. Penincali says:

    What a crock of b.s…
    I started vaping 2 years ago to get away from the cigarette smoking, and I became a flavor junkie.
    I feel better than I have since I started smoking at the age of 16. I sure as hell won’t be trying one of these new cancer sticks.
    I’ll keep vaping, even if I have to find an underground, black market way to keep doing it.
    Big pharma and the tobacco companies can KMA!!!

  22. Anna says:

    This is absolutely crazy!!! I am livid! How do we let the FDA know our *extremely* strong feelings about this? Is there a petition? Or an email address to let our voice be heard?

  23. James says:

    I hope you all are not so naive to think that Big tobacco hasn’t had their hand in the vape industry since it began. Follow the breadcrumbs and you will be surprised to find who they are behind .

  24. Barbara says:

    In my opinion this device it still using tobacco which contains many chemicals and is probably covered in pesticides that they use on the crops. To me it is the same SHXX in a different package. If it is heating up actual tobacco it is still combustion which is how all the toxic chemicals are release. Do they think people are stupid?

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